Friday, August 3

and then it was August

Hey long lost blog!
 Four and half months later, I finally get around to pounding out a post.
 Sorry about that. Life got in the way.. I got a part time job, and then another job, which was supposed to be full time, and I was supposed to quit the part time, but I decided on a whim to apply at my favorite boutique in town and landed myself a second part time job so I quit the full time job.
Still following?
 Right now I'm a part-time portrait photographer and a part time sales girl of lovely undergarments and clothing! I'm very happy with both jobs, the supposed to be full time job was sewing and alterations and for many reasons the job wasn't a good fit.
  This summer has been full of camping and exploring and sunshine.
Exstew River
Main Exstew Waterfall
Telkwa Pass

In other big news, I am waiting for the finalization of the divorce papers. I agreed in January and the ball is rolling albeit very, very slowly.  Part of the reason I haven't blogged is I wasn't sure if I was ready to post about the final demise of my relationship with Mr.Darcy, at this point we are still friends, but have agreed that the relationship isn't going to be repaired. It took me a really long time to come to peace with this fact, and I have done a lot of growing in the past 9 months.

Friday, March 16

Busy as a bee

It always happens for me, when I have bloggy fodder I am much to busy to write about it down.
I am going to try and schedule myself thirty minutes at least three times a week. No promises you will actually see what I write though :)
  In the last three weeks I have driven to Castlegar, BC and back home, Moberly Lake and home again. Which is total of at least 50+ hours of sitting in a car.
 So the past few days have been very relaxed and chill.
 I have yet to be hired for a "real" job but I have decided on doing some bookkeeping like work for two different companies. Which I plan to actually start applying myself to on Monday.

I'm about to go drop off another resume and apply online for a couple of part time jobs, and then cross my fingers.

Today I went to a dentist appointment at 9am and then realized that I had canceled the appointment thinking I would still be out of town. But had forgotten to remove it from my calendar, thankfully they were able to squeeze me in at noon, so I am now enjoying clean, shiny teeth.

How has everyone's first 2 weeks of March been treating them?

Any big plans for St.Paddy's Day?

Sunday, February 19

No need for wanted posters

You know it's a small town when:
You see checking out a book a the library and the librarian says " I thought you looked like a Brousseau" and you also find out the movie you checked out for the Littles is over due, so the kind librarian renews it for you.
Then you as you hop down the steps (something you realize as typing this sounds undignified, but it's a tradition from childhood.) You look up to find your dad has just driven up to drop off said over due movie.
At this moment you start to feel that the family may be stalking you :-)