Sunday, December 28

Retail Therapy..

So many amazing deals in the mall right now :)  So I bought Birthday Presents for Mr.Shiny today.. No sneak peeks till after January 10th.

I am so tired.... So much walking in the cold. Time for a nap. I will expound more later with Photos our Christmas eve service..

Wednesday, December 24

I called...

Where in the world is Santa?

They told me to get to bed :D

Season's Greetings!

Dear Family & Friends,
(if you have been reading this blog for the past year none of this is new)
This is our Christmas update! 
    Our way was rocky, our path steep, but together we made it to the top of the mountain. Out of the valleys and fog, into the sunshine, where we both can see a bigger picture and the beauty that God created.

   Early in January, God brought me a word which I told very few people about at the time.
It was to cling to him and let him carry me through the hard times that were coming. When I did the blessings that follow would be so much sweeter after the pain & trials. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what the future held for us.

Here are some of the highs and lows.
  • My uncle &; a dear family friend leaving us in the same week.
  • Corbett’s Grandpa going home to his final resting place.
  • Job changes
  • Camping
  • Camp Sagitawa
  • Moving to the East Coast
    The highlight of 2008 for me was (at the prodding of my wise mother) going to Moberly Lake. Aka Camp Sagitawa. On my life to-do list was: be a cabin leader, so I went for a 1 week and might have even misplaced my 15yr old camper. (eek)
After chatting with the Camp Director Gary, I could see there was a need for kitchen staff, and I thought why not?  (Mom had said jokingly “Clearly state what you want to do or they will have you working in the kitchen”) So I stayed for an extra week which turned into 2 weeks. By this time God had gotten a hold of my heart and showed me what really mattered and that my plans with friend and family were selfish and not concrete. So I stayed in the kitchen for 6 more weeks. I was blessed it laughter, fun and spiritual family fellowship, a great tan and stronger muscles. But best of all 68 campers made personal decisions to choose Christ.  As Kitchen staff we prayed, sang and rejoiced over the camp during “prayer meetings” in fun places (like the water trampoline) the best part of all was that worship and spiritual warfare became a lifestyle.
    To make a long story short, if you want to do something amazing with the summer of 2009,
check out{they can always use help}
    After camp I packed up my life into 2 suitcases and 5 Rubbermaid’s and flew to St. John’s, where I joined Corbett on the windy island city.
    We are involved in a church here, Corbett runs the sound board. I help where needed mostly setting up chairs and then taking them down after wards. Corbett’s friends from Halifax pastor the church and I’ve enjoyed getting to know them. 
  Corbett and I are both working at contact center, troubleshooting internet for home users.

   Future plans? To see where the winds blow us after the New Year, I would love to spend the summer at Moberly Lake again. Corbett wants to buy a boat and live on it, possibly back on the BC coast.
  I hope and pray this rambling tale finds you happy and healthy at this special time of year.
Love Darci & Corbett
P.s. Feel free to read back through the year for details :)

Tuesday, December 23



All of my favorite things

  • Kicking up dry snow, trudging through it to get home.
  • Hour long waits at work
  • Smiles, laughs, giggles at work
  • Finding people around you have morals
  • Knowing Christmas is right around the corner
  • Knowing everything is going to be okay, even if doesn't feel like it right now.
Not quite sure why, but I just felt the happy bubble start to well up inside of me at work around 4 am, while knitting and chatting with friends.

The topic... was pg-13 but interesting and entertaining. I sit in the "HR" row, basically if you are easily offended, you will end up in HR with a complaint.

Then I walked home in what felt like a winter wonderland!

Now all I need are those knitting lessons. I loving creating with my needles, and I know I could be such a blessing to others around me and even turn a little profit while I'm at it. But first I need to master the basics of knitting.

I love the Holiday spirit... I just wish people wouldn't take it all for granted.

My savior was born,and I can smile through the pain because I have a peace that passes understanding.
This Christmas I am learning about Advent. Growing up I never knew what it was about, or even understood all of the meaning and purposes behind it.
The candles are in so many windows around here, and it makes me smile softly every time I see a window lit up.

Well I shall sign off now seeing as it's 6:20am....

We are off to buy a vacuum with money someone gave us for Christmas( THANK YOU THANK YOU, to that wonderful and generous soul) later today.

I think I shall go crawl into bed to dream of Whiskers on kittens now.

Sunday, December 21

A wish and a dream.


 (I think I may attempt this for Mr. Shiny's Birthday)
Now I just need someone to teach me how to read and comprehend the patterns.
 Edit:click on the titles for the links

Saturday, December 13

I attract them..

Tonight while pulling a month and half worth of mail from our box, (at 11pm) a lady pulls into her driveway and gets out of the car and says hello to me. Don't ask me why.
 The guy from yesterday was even better. I am standing at an intersection, waiting for the lights to change. He takes one look at my long black coat catching the snowflakes and tells me that I look like a polar bear. After that we chat about how the pedestrian light won't change. Finally we brave it and walk cross together. He starts griping about Christmas, and so I proceed to tell him that Birthdays and Weddings are a lot of fuss for just one day too, and that at home we don't celebrate Christmas in the traditional way. But birthdays are the big events. Then he starts asking which bus I am taking, turns out he was going to the same place. So I hop on the next bus I see just to make sure I don't have to continue to listen to the F word being inserted every other word. (I was on the wrong side of the street)
 My implusiveness + buses always turns out bad for me, an hour later I ended up at my destination, sick to my stomach and wobbly legged. But just in time for supper with my man. At least my timing is good.

Friday, December 12


 This is one of my favorite blogs when I have a chance to absorb her writing. This post was something I needed to hear now.  Do check it out.

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not shouting 'I'm clean livin''
I'm whispering 'I was lost, Now I'm found and forgiven.'

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I don't speak of this with pride.
I'm confessing that I stumble and need Christ to be my guide.

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not trying to be strong.
I'm professing that I'm weak and need His strength to carry on.

When I say.. 'I am a Christian' I'm not bragging of success.
I'm admitting I have failed and need God to clean my mess.

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not claiming to be perfect,
My flaws are far too visible but, God believes I am worth it.

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I still feel the sting of pain..
I have my share of heartaches, so I call upon His name.

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not holier than thou,
I'm just a simple sinner Who received God's good grace, somehow!

-Maya Angelou

Thursday, December 11

You know the saying "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"?
That is why this blog has been quiet lately... I am not in a happy place but I don't know what to share and what to share. Let's just put it this way, I officially hate the winters here. I want BC winters.. But to get that I would have to go home. Now that's an idea that has been become more popular recently.

Please pray for us here. I am slowly sinking into a chasm of despair and sadness and I don't know if I can possibly climb out without your prayers.

Hopefully later this week I can share some of the fun things I've been doing lately.

Sunday, December 7

Christmas spirit

Was slightly gone after walking home with wet feet.
But it snowed this morning!

Friday, December 5

What have you washed lately? Headed over to Jenny's to read a funny washing story.

Enough bullets to kill you

  • It snowed finally! But it was after 11pm so I didn't get to enjoy it much, Only when we took the garbage out at 4am
  • I felt like sleeping at work, sleeping pills suck for me because they kick in at the wrong time of day
  • my shift has changed from 6:15pm-4:45 am, to 12:30pm-11pm. It's good but then I am not ready for bed until 4-6am which is bad. grrr
  • My husband is amazingly patient. I love to tease and annoy him. Pray for patience for him, and wisdom for me :)
  • On that that note. This is what he said to me tonight. Earlier I did something blond which he responded to with "That was an epic fail"  while laughing at me.  I went to kiss him good night, seeing as he had a headache, I put my hand on his shoulder and kissed it. He responds with a big owe, then I feel horrible for inflicting more pain. He says "It's okay that you fail at life, it's not your fault" 
  • I wrote my portion of our Christmas letter.
  • We took our Christmas photo, and I had a brainwave on how to send it out.
  • If anyone wants to be on the list to get one comment below. (One being Christmas letter and photo)
  • Is my FB photo showing off my death glare or you didn't face?
  • Enough bullets. Must go to sleep now....
Do go back two or three posts and let me know who has the best reason for Corb to be called Mr. Shiny!

Friday, November 21

No Boys Allowed!

Remember making those signs back in the day?
Anyways this is going to be one of those posts.. So I thought I would give it an appropriate title. Because I know I have at least 3 male readers. Who may be married but still don't want to hear about this "stuff".

Why is that some times one can be so affected by PMS?

I feel like my moving, and other major life changes have caused me to feel the effects in the past 8 weeks.
It's funny because it's really only the first 36 hours when I feel like I'm going die.. Now I know some men just don't understand this. But if you've ever had the period from hell, Guys you would just back away slowly while looking for chocolate :)
These are things I get on a regular basis:
  • headache or backache
  • appetite changes
  • joint & muscle pain
  • trouble concentrating or remembering
  • tension, irritability, mood swings, or crying spells
  • feeling tired
  • having trouble sleeping-or nor sleeping at all
The worst one ever was last month when it set me off on the weirdest non sleeping stage of my life. To the point where I had a panic attack at work.
I have always refused to be a worrier because I am prone to wanting everything to be perfect and planning everything.

 But on this particular night, everything went wrong at work. Plus I couldn't even tell you when the last time I slept for more then 4 hours straight, or when I had eaten last (I'm talking a full meal)
But I felt fine when I walked in, maybe a little tired, and strung out from my shopping spree.
Then I had to switch computers at work, normally I would be thinking "Sweet, less time actually taking calls"
Not that night, it was a large pain in the rear.

As I got ready to take my 2nd call in 1.5 hours I was faint, dizzy, and sick to my stomach.
I went to the front desk and I asked for First Aid (this is all slightly hazy) and the guy just stared at me, at this point I am gripping the desk to keep my legs from buckling and I am saying call a doctor, my body is crashing, my body is crashing. I was hysterical and I couldn't remember anything short term. It was scary.

At some point in the this whole episode a good friend walked through the doors, and rushed up to ask "What's wrong?", and I literally collapsed into him, because I couldn't stand up any longer. He got them in contact with Corb (who had the day off and was less then 5 min away)
I am so grateful for J walking in, because it turns out he had a panic attack and he knew right away what was happening and was able to calm me a little.

Because I knew that my body hadn't been given enough sleep/nutrition or care for the 2 weeks. But I am stubborn and I know my body well enough not to go to the Doctors, plus I don't have a family GP here.(that is another story in itself)

So to get to the point. I ended up taking a short ride in the ambulance. Trudy (my lovely EMT) was amazing, she just kept talking to me while she checked my vitals and she was so sweet and graceful.
I seen the waiting room and I looked at the nurse and said I want to go home. I knew I just need to eat and sleep.

Back to my original point. Knowing your body is a good thing, being un-wise in how you care for it is very very dangerous.

Having a GP you can trust is even better. I went to one 4 days after the incident at work, and he was the most rude, harsh, little doctor I have ever come in contact with.
I left in tears, and I told him after he was interrogated about what hospital I went to and why I didn't sit around for hours on end to see a doctor that night "That I hate doctors, and I don't care about this job, I'll just find a new one if they fire me for being off work"

When I left with my doctor's note and drug prescription in hand.
I was so mad and hurt, I called my mom and I was so upset, I think I might have scared my poor parents. But they made laugh about it, and I made it home.

I had an appointment for the following Monday with a Homeopathic Doctor, and it was such a radical difference. I think just being able to tell someone is taking notes and wants to help you heal yourself makes a world of difference.

I've been taking a few concoctions, and I've felt immensely better. But the biggest things I totally forgot to do when I first arrive here was but Vitamins. Like C, B6 and all the good ones. B6 has helped my anxiety immensely, to the point I feel Normal again :P

Tuesday, November 18

Over heard on the bus

Bunch of teenagers talking about halloween costumes....

Girl #1(really loud) I forgot my boobs!

We both look at each and start laughing and I said to him "Please don't ever let me forget my boobs somewhere."

Now on to the giveaway:

Corbett needs a nickname..
Shall it be MR.DARCY, or MR. SHINY?

You vote and I shall award the person with the most entertaining comment as to why it should be one or the other, a $10 Starbucks card!

"Let the games begin" (Stolen from Mrs. Wilson)

Monday, November 17

Ode to Clover

To one who posts so much I can't ever comment enough..
To one I have always admired but never gotten to know well enough
To one who's struggles I have come to empathize with in a small way.
To one who always seems to have her eyes focus on the cross,
To one who always has a smile and hug for me, even if I am wearing perfume. (sorry)
To one who is so wonderfully creative, it inspires me.
To one who never shows off her creativity enough.
To one who can sing like I only wish I could.
Miz Clover this is for you.
I miss my west coast sister in Jesus :)

Sunday, November 16


People to play Rock Band with.
Someone to chatter incessantly with about girly things.
People to LAN with on Sunday and geek it up.
Someone to do nerdy things with like: figure how to take over the world and bring world peace and end starvation.
People to work out with.
Someone to explore the pathways in ST J.
People to laugh with.
Someone else to drive crazy with my overwhelming blondness personality.

Can you fill any of these positions?

Apply below
(Aka Comments)

Friday, November 14

Hulk muscles

Yesterday I went up to pick up the new W.O.W. expansion and then off to get some fairy eyelash yarn to finish Birdys scarf. Because I found it in the discount section there was only one skein left. Then I started remembering all the things we need at home, like paper towels and toilet paper and kitty litter. Of course I want to get the 11kg pkg because it's a better deal. Plus I'm contradictory so I buy it and then realize I have to get all this stuff home on the bus by myself. (oh yes, I found a retro green pot for $7, yea!) So today my shoulders are aching, because I took the wrong bus home (tried of freezing my petunia's off)
But I did call the sick husband and have him rescue me, I have to mention the he looked like a ninja as he came running over the hill :)

We are supposed to be making Jumbylia (sp?) right now, and I've managed to dwindle away my writing time by browsing other blogs.

I may just have to write and update at work tonight during the down times.

I was desperately trying to finish Birdy's scarf last night, when I really wanted to update. After my lunch I realized that my knitting is not so loose and stretchy, so I took it all apart. I am doing something different but I haven't figured what it is yet and I don't really want to start the whole thing over again.
After tonight I have 3 whole days off in a row!
I am planning on sleeping, hoping to get to the thrift shops to pick up some sweaters so I can take them apart and maybe crossing fingers to find some more needles.
I want to make some of these lovely ornaments for the swap I am participating in.

Husband's throat is feeling much better, due to massive amounts of garlic and homemade Iced Caps.

(Thanks to Darren & Janel for the coffee)

(All approx)
Five Coffee Cubes
6 oz milk
2 tbsp Hersey's choco milk powder.
Sometimes I add extra ice, and cream if we have it.. Have fun!

Wednesday, November 12

All work, no computer play

Next Escapade in the kitchen shall be this.
 I was trying to look quickly for the Pampered Chef recipie which I used for the garden pizza from last post. All I did was bake premade crust, let cool. Spread cream cheese over it, and then topped with all leftover veggies. I would recommend not topping higher then .5 inch because it very difficult to each not having melted cheese on top as a final layer.

I keep taking lots of random photos but not uploading them, but wanting to post them. So I shall move to posting them all together, a few times during the week.

Here are a few links for you!

A Tupperware Giveaway with Charlene. Ends Friday

Want to be a Kidney Donor?

Reused wrappers + Creativity = Wallets (check out his blog from 2nd link)

Steph I've become a fan of the Leafs because I am wearing the hat :)

Also a few extra things from Fridays' madness, Mister got a white tie, and I found a 2 quart cup with lid that included cookie cutters. Plus 12 brightly colored silicone mini baking cups... Mmmmm Fudge..

Seeing as it's 4:40 am I should really go to bed. Because I shall be making a trip to get someone a copy of the New Wow...

Sunday, November 9

Supper's in the suite

Second try, all cream cheesed up.
All loaded up. You should have seen us trying to eat it.Dessert.. From Sobeys
This is the sign on the gas station I walk by all the time.. I just noticed it tonight.
 I made Falafel's and the oil almost killed me while heating up. Time to go wash dishes now.

Saturday, November 8

Taking a break

from listening to 13 things that don't make sense by Michael Brooks, *best part is that it's narrated by James Adams (lovely english accent) about challenging Newtons theroies on gravity, plus talking about dark matter and it's actual existence. I was knitting while listening and I started to become slightly ill feeling, not quite sure if it was to much brain work or the instant coffee/hot chocolate that I drank earlier.

Here is something light and fluffy, All the cool stuff we found at the famous 20% off the mall Customer appreciation day sale.
This was the crazyness of the geeks & nerds so we skipped it and went to see Eagle Eye, which was pretty good. Chase scenes made me feel a little ill and made me happy to live in Canada. Very Big Brotherish.

Maple leafs toque, Baby clothes on top (.40) All the clothes except black shirt, are from Cotton Ginny
and are the drafts, so they where buy one get one free. So Tanks where  4.00 each, and sweaters 7.00 (second one in photo below) Socks all .40 cents.
  No Gold. (for 45.00 including tx)
Cranberry pump soap & 2 bars.
I tried on a beautiful cream colored coat. It was only $359.00.. Just over my budget...

Friday, November 7

Today I have..

Scrubbed all the mold I could find, resulting in loss of smell and gaining a headache.

Rescued my bus pass from under the stairs and found out all the cool thing I can get with it.

Dumped the laundry all over my bed, and sorted it into piles.

Now we are off to the 20% off sale at the mall!!

Wednesday, November 5

Want to blog?

Don't know what to write?

Check out the link :)

Here are my sixty seconds or more.

I miss the gentle winter rolling in on the BC Coast, here it has been coming in with gale force winds and I am freezing every time I step outside my little haven.
 Yesterday there was snow on the telephone poles, and a little on the grass. Tonight the ground is sparkly and frosty.  I am putting on so many layers just to walk 5 min to work.

I miss the friends I have at home, I have made new friends here but they are busy people. While I'm trying to find the balance of life/work/fun, I'm not so busy.
 But I should be busy, putting away all the random stuff I have lying around, photographing my new coolest swap items. Making this place a home and teasing the cat. While always managing to annoy the husband by excitedly pointing at my monitor.

I am learning to play Call of Duty 4, but it makes me motion sick, because I can't zoom the view out. Then I can take my frustrations out there after work.  I've lost interest in Guild Wars and refuse to be sucked in to World Of Warcraft.

 I also need to finish my on-going knitting projects.

Well I am off to tidy the living room and make husband happy by moving my computer further away from his.

Tuesday, November 4

Connected again

Oh the horror story of trying to move your land line and internet. Thankfully everything did start working today, but our home phone was supposed to be on Saturday, which means my cell phone bill is going to give me a heart attack.
Daxter recovering from falling off Bannister

Leftover scum that I found when I started closely inspecting the cool tub.
This path and creek are at the start of our street, This creek winds through the whole city.
This is the view from our driveway(photo1) and the parking lot I walk through to get to work(photo 2)
The Entrance to our new place with a community path & Halloween decorations,

Random Person's yard.. (For Tamara)

This is what I amused myself while waiting for Aliant to get it's act together.

Saturday, October 25

The cat came back the very next day...

Or so I hope.
EDIT: he came back. Do you know how scary it is walking around your backyard at 1amish on Saturday night with only a LED flashlight, trying to get a reflection of the glowing eyes on the top of my page.. Freaked me out real good. Leash and Collar and id tag always now.

Please pray my kitty comes back.  I miss him already and am sorry for getting mad and leaving the door open intentionally. Also I am sorry for dressing you up and laughing when you freaked out.  I even bought you a photo frame today...

Maybe you have become something like a child to me, I promise to teach you new tricks, like dancing and leaving on command, opening doors.

I also promise to clean out your litter box daily, not every other day or 3 days, or when I finally get around to it.

I promise to make the Husband be nice to you too, and not tell people you are annoying.

Because all you want is love.

(Trying to escape at home)

Thursday, October 23

Froggy Game

Have you ever played that game from back in the day where you have to get the frog to cross the lanes of traffic with out getting hit?
I seriously have to do this every time I want to go work. It's great fun when there are gale force winds with rain and you have your hood up and almost get hit, while carrying your supper.

But they have been working slowly for the past month on what looks like an pedestrian cross walk! So in the winter I can actually cause an accident.

I have so many random thoughts going through my head again. So I shall start a series of blog post on them hopefully.

  • How much Nutritional Value is really in Canned food?
  • The differences between the West Coast & East Coast.
  • Why I hate trying to be "Green Conscious" sometimes.
  • The adventures of moving 8 doors down. (Done)