Friday, November 14

Hulk muscles

Yesterday I went up to pick up the new W.O.W. expansion and then off to get some fairy eyelash yarn to finish Birdys scarf. Because I found it in the discount section there was only one skein left. Then I started remembering all the things we need at home, like paper towels and toilet paper and kitty litter. Of course I want to get the 11kg pkg because it's a better deal. Plus I'm contradictory so I buy it and then realize I have to get all this stuff home on the bus by myself. (oh yes, I found a retro green pot for $7, yea!) So today my shoulders are aching, because I took the wrong bus home (tried of freezing my petunia's off)
But I did call the sick husband and have him rescue me, I have to mention the he looked like a ninja as he came running over the hill :)

We are supposed to be making Jumbylia (sp?) right now, and I've managed to dwindle away my writing time by browsing other blogs.

I may just have to write and update at work tonight during the down times.

I was desperately trying to finish Birdy's scarf last night, when I really wanted to update. After my lunch I realized that my knitting is not so loose and stretchy, so I took it all apart. I am doing something different but I haven't figured what it is yet and I don't really want to start the whole thing over again.
After tonight I have 3 whole days off in a row!
I am planning on sleeping, hoping to get to the thrift shops to pick up some sweaters so I can take them apart and maybe crossing fingers to find some more needles.
I want to make some of these lovely ornaments for the swap I am participating in.

Husband's throat is feeling much better, due to massive amounts of garlic and homemade Iced Caps.

(Thanks to Darren & Janel for the coffee)

(All approx)
Five Coffee Cubes
6 oz milk
2 tbsp Hersey's choco milk powder.
Sometimes I add extra ice, and cream if we have it.. Have fun!

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Bonnie said...

Ooo! The ornaments remind me of the Christmas Wreaths at Starbucks! Have you seen them?! They are sooo pretty! They are green and red balls and some of them look like balls of yarn. They have a birdy in the middle! They are soo cute! I shall have to take a picture and post it! I reallly want to make a wreath like that!