Monday, March 30

I double dare you

Can you do it? Oh, sorry! I am asking if you can live TV free.

What have your experiences been growing up?
  How has it impacted your life?

We grew up with out televison for the first 12 years of my life. Then my dad brought home a Tv/Vcr combo. Because we lived so far out of town there was no cable t.v.

  I read a lot of books and we always had some outdoor building project on the go, I think not having T.v. was healthy for us.
  When my parents moved from Michigan to B.C. my mom told my dad just leave that Televison behind and I will be fine. (she left behind her family and friends)

Saturday, March 28

Birdie update #2

Keeps mama on her toes!

Passed out after a hard playing
First hair cut at 16 months
French braids and learning how to brush teeth.

If only I was old enough.

Prince Rupert Harbor

Holy Terror

I miss this little face.
Hopefully I will remember to update the photos sooner next time.

Friday, March 27

Little Birdie update

1st birthday wearing her tutu
2nd Christmas (15 months)
Trying to peel an orange
Mama I want more crackers!!
Snow fun... 
She knew daddy was having a shower with out her.
Cute Pigtails
(doesn't my sister look good?)
Playing chess
Daddy & Miss Birdie
Fixing the dishwasher.
The only time she will sit still.
Sharing with Amariah 
This was her birthday present from me.
See her tooth on the left side? She had a little accident. 
14 months old
(these are all stolen from my sisters facebook)

Saturday, March 21

Great Big Sea of fun

The big night finally arrived! I was going to see Great Big Sea live. I have enjoyed their music for many years. I was able to get tickets two nights before the concert. (I volunteered to trade shifts at work, then found out GBS was playing, so when the trade fell through, I was slightly excited)

Warning: the video and audio quality is wretched. Now you may proceed. 

I was supposed to meet my friend at his place which was approx half way to the Mile One. The bus was 7 mins late, and I didn't tell the driver to let me off at the Y, because I knew where that was. So I get off, and start walking. I looked up his address on Google maps. So I start zigzagging through the streets, and I get to house's 60 & 62, look across the street where 61 should be, and it's not there.(at this point, I'm pretty proud of making it to the right place) I received a text message that says, I just seen you, and my phone promptly dies. So I knock on the door of 60 and talk to a nice lady who explains, that I need to go further up the street because of the townhouses at the beginning. So meander down the street, finally finding 61, I ring the doorbell twice, and I realize that there is a bus stop right across the street (this is after walking around the other corner for at least 10 mins) so I stand in front of the house freezing. Finally I give up and start walking to the waterfront (not exactly sure of where Mile one center is, but I have a good idea) I make there alive. Skipping my chai latte, because I have no idea what time it is at this point. I get the tickets and then wait until after 8 pm and I can hear Spirit of the West start playing. I finally venture inside the arena to find my seat, the usher makes me step over at least 4 people on the left side, when I could have stepped over 2 on the right side.

I was in the 4 rows from the back on the floor.

The music was horribly loud and after a song or two they finally get it tweaked so it's not grating on my nerves (at this point I am feeling very old, doesn't help that I know how to work a sound board)

(Spirit of the West)
About half way through the concert I was finally deaf enough to enjoy the music!

On the overall I wasn't impressed with my concert experience, it really made me feel older then my 26 years, because of all the drunken teenagers who couldn't just enjoy the music, they where up and down, and back and forth, text messaging, trying to talk to one another.

When GBS came on the stage they dedicated the first song to the Cougar helicopter that went down. With this line "We have taken from the sea for over 500 years, and this week she took back from us" Then they played the song England from their new album Fortunes favor. (see video) Here is a quote from Alan Doyle's journal   "Thought the gig at Mile One was a real success.  Difficult to party in the wake of the Chopper accident that has the entire city of St. John’s and indeed the whole NL Province in mourning.  Sean had the idea of singing a tribute to the fallen before the main body of our set commenced.  His kind words and expressive vocal delivery of England made for a fitting acknowledgment of the situation and a delicate condolence to the victims and their families.  The Telegram erroneously credited me with the opening dedication, when if fact the whole thing was Sean’s idea and he deserves all the credit for it’s delivery in such a delicate moment."

I moved up the aisle and enjoyed the rest of the show, they had some audience interaction where they would start the song and we would sing the lyrics, it was quite entertaining.

It seemed to me they played a lot of music from their older albums like: Lukey's boat, Mary Mac, Old Black rum, Consequence free, Sea of no cares, Scolding wife, When I am up, When I am king, Pat Murphy and many more.

It ended around 11, and of course every taxi was quickly snatched up. I fished my bus scheduled out, just to figure out I would miss the next bus.
 As I walked along the streets, music filled the air from the pubs, it was reminiscent of Mexico. It was all so inviting. I made it to a bus stop, and across from me there was a guy busking. So I had entertainment during my 40 minute wait, (the #3 is always late) Finally it came, and I was very proud of myself for only spending $2.25 rather then $20 on a taxi.

(they ended with this song)

I made it back to work by midnight and did some overtime.

Because my phone was dead, I didn't talk to Jason until 3am, I found out that he had been at his house the whole time waiting for me. I felt terrible, I was hoping he would remember that we needed to pick up our tickets from the box office.
   All in all, I had an enjoyable evening, even if it was by myself.

Thursday, March 19

Dust Bunnies

I started in on the storage room Tuesday, realizing if I drag out all the recyclables I'm hoarding waiting to return, I will have more space. Then I rearrange a few things, freeing up enough space to move the dryer out.
After removing 8 screws, and becoming covered in lint, I was able to see the back of the unit.

Which wasn't much help. But I did find two dimes and a few bbies and more lint, which I promptly vacuumed up. I couldn't access the lint catcher, because of a cover. I proceed to put it all back together, thinking that, "At least I was able to prevent a fire" After moving it back into place, I tested it out. To my shock there is no more rattling!
 Now I just have to do some laundry and prove my test!
 From the living room I can barely hear the dryer with the door open.

My shoulders have been hurting since then, and I was exhausted that night (4am) and even after lying there listening to the kids outside sleeping for at least 10 hours, I was still physically tired feeling. I didn't realize how much of a strain on my body it would be to move a few things. So hopefully tonight I will get a deep sleep. We are going to walk downtown tomorrow and get the mister's tax information.
I am waiting for the last storm of the season, it even has a name: Shelia's Brush. I tried to look info on the wiki, but to no avail.
  Today is very cloudy, cold and white, so maybe it's in the works right now.
We've been having such lovely sunny, but frigid winds & temperatures.

Last weekend was very social, we went to a "Beat the March blues" potluck dinner, with the sister church. The variety of food was mind blowing & mouth watering.  We listened to a gentleman from around the bay, who was very funny and used the most descriptive words. He had us roaring with laughter and giggling constantly. He painted the brightest pictures in my head, about growing up in Newfoundland. I wish I had it on video to share.

Then Saturday night, I went to a Great Big Sea, more details to follow in a post.
    Sadly I can't post my videos on YouTube or Blogger without violating copyrights, so I might just post them to FB for a short while.

If you want the short version of my life, you can follow me on twitter. (which automatically updates my FB)

Tuesday, March 17

Monday, March 16

To all you screamers...

To whom it may concern:

  When you are asked to verify your address or the last four of your social, it is for your protection. Not because I want to make you repeat the same information 3x before your issue is fixed.  Also if I ask for the last 4, it's because I can see it on a screen in front of me.

   Next time you are upset about the fact that you haven't been getting the service you expected from your phone, internet, or cable t.v.
Go read the E.U.L.A./T.o.S. you signed. Did you know that some cell phones companies don't actually have to refund anything, unless you are with out service for more then 30 days.

Most supervisor can't make that "stupid" technician come back out to your house tonight to fix the issue properly, and they also can't make them get there any faster then I can. Also they won't troubleshoot with you, and they are there to supervise us, not to take phone calls.

Besides more then likely the error came from between the keyboard and the chair.

 Because you work from home and don't have a business account doesn't make you any of a priority then the next customer when it comes to scheduling service calls. First come, first served basis here. (it's all a violation of some ToS)
 Back in the day when the internet went down at work, we would do all the tasks unrelated to the computer. So I suggest organizing that "insert messy area of home here", that you've been putting off. Instead of swearing your head off at me, because an Act of God, knocked out your internet.

Another thing, After repeating my name three times (plus in my intro) I will refuse to spell it for you.

1. Because you are too angry to hear me.

2. You don't deserve to know it so you can rant about me, to the poor soul who has to talk to you after have I've escalated you to a supervisor.

Because there is a fine like between being frank and rude. (which I still haven't quite mastered yet,Expect for the time, one of you said "She is going to hang up on me" and I mumbled "You wish" as I put you on hold. 

Did you know when you tell me "I know it's not your fault, BUT" and you continue tell me how upset you are and frustrated, "I would love to tell you to shut up and let me try and solve your issue". The more you complain, the longer it takes me to get to the root of the problem. With some of you, I don't even get there because I am so tired of being talked over or yelled at that I will schedule you a tech to come fix the issue even if this means the company charges you a service fee.

 When I apologize sincerely and you snap at me, telling me that I am being sarcastic, it actually hurts my feelings.
I take my job seriously.
  I am sorry that the last rep was unprofessional/uneducated and that has caused your life to be interrupted.
So next time you pick up the phone to call for help, please think about how the voice on the other end that greets you.
   Treat others as you would like to be treated, and go the extra mile by taking a deep breath and letting me assist you.

Yours Sincerely
 Someone who works the night sift so you can have 24/7 support.

PS If I do a good job, don't be afraid to ask for an email address or supervisor to tell them how much you appreciated my customer service!

This is an open letter to anyone who has ever yelled, berated, sworn or gotten angry at the CSR (customer service rep) on the phone or even in person for that matter when it was not an issue created by this person.

Friday, March 13

Another one bites the dust...

Another person has fallen prey to the disease need desire world of blogging!!
He is another first born in my family. How you may ask can he be another first born, if I am the first of millions twelve?

He is the first boy!

We are a similar in many ways. Just ask Bonnie.

Someday I will write a little bio on him..

  And now the reason I am writing this little post!

Go say hello!

A Purrfect companion?

*If you want someone who will eat whatever you put in front of him and never
say its not quite as good as his mother's*
...then adopt a dog*

*if you want someone always willing to go out, at any hour,
for as long and wherever you want ...*
...then adopt a dog.*
If you want someone who will never touch the remote, doesn't care about
football, and can sit next to you as you watch romantic movies*
...then adopt a dog.*
If you want someone who is content to get on your bed just to
warm your feet and whom you can push off if he snores*
...then adopt a dog !*
If you want someone who never criticizes what you do, doesn't care if you
are pretty or ugly, fat or thin, young or old, who acts as if every word you
say is especially worthy of listening to, and loves you unconditionally,
perpetually .*
...then adopt a dog.*
BUT, on the other hand, if you want someone who will never come when you
call, ignores you totally when you come home, leaves hair all over the
place, walks all over you, runs around all night and only comes home to eat
and sleep, and acts as if your entire existence is solely to ensure his
happiness ,**
...then adopt a cat!*
 Now be honest, you thought I was gonna say... marry a man, didn't you?

Editor's note: My cats aren't like the above paragraph. 
Daxter meets me at the door, rarely comes into the bedroom, and will not cuddle with me at all. EVER.

From Drop Box
From Drop Box

 Above is Squeek.. the one who got left behind, I was threatened told that if I left Daxter he wouldn't be around when I came back to the homestead.. (the power of suggestions from a mother, motivates much)

Wednesday, March 11


3 Hibernating Bears
Originally uploaded by Pictures by Ann
I am feeling very blah, and bored with my life. There have been a few random funny things, but I just don't have the energy or feel creative enough to put them out there. So I think I shall take a break, and be back after the last winter storm, when I start see some flowers...

Saturday, March 7

Interview Me, Part 1

Clover asked...

10 things - MAX! - you'd take to a desert island.... and why, for each one.
  1. Bible - To be spiritually fed.
  2. A comb - to keep the hairs de-tangled.
  3. Gardening tools - To cultivate the ground
  4. Seeds- to survive with
  5. Machete - to cut things with of course :)
  6. I ran out of things..

Favorite words, and why:

Gossamer: of beauty and light/fairies.
Cherish: to loved unconditionally, or snuggling up the husband as I fall asleep.
Generally because of the mental pictures they invoke. FYI: At home I had started painting all my favorite words on the patchwork quilt that I painted on my ceiling. Of course I can't remember more then 2 of the words right now.

Jen asked...

1. How was it growing up with 11 younger siblings? Did you enjoy being the oldest, or did you long to be farther down the line? (Large families fascinate me.)

I loved being the oldest, I only resented it for a few moments when I see the younger ones getting to do things that I wasn't allowed to do. My parents have "relaxed" on a few areas :)

For the most part it was normal to have some monsters running around, that when someone was'nt there, I would do a double take and think "alright, who is missing?"
When I got my first full job at EF, coming home to the chaos was a lot harder. My tolerance was zilch.

2. How did you meet your husband?

I met Mr.Darci when he came to visit two of my BFF. I remember he laughed at everything I did that night and it irritated me to no end. He then said he would get my email from my friends, but sadly I heard nothing from him for at least a year and half. I had a huge crush on him and it was one of those years that every guy I met never followed up.

3. What is your favorite part of living out on the East coast?

How the weather changes from the wind every 4 hours :) Also the people that you get to know are so friendly and caring and open.

4. Do you plan to have as many children as your parents did?

Nope, definitely not. My max number is 6 (half as many as my parents) At this point though we are mutually agreed not to have children. Although I do have two black babies that support through World Vision.

5. If you could take an all-expenses-paid vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

New Zealand or Ireland. I love the beach but I would love to see either of these places someday.

Thursday, March 5

Craving chocolate?

The husband was.. So I looked up a egg less recipe on


Do switch the cocoa and sugar ingredients, do read the suggestions for improving it.

By request the Banana-Strawberry-Muffins  
There you go Tamara!


March, the month of Momentary Abandonment.

March is one of the 7 months that has 31 days.

It also happens to be the month of "Momentary Abandonment."

Momentary Abandonment: Giving up something in your life (momentarily) that inhibits a regular activity in your daily routine.

So people, TAKE A STAND. Give up something that inhibits YOU! For the next 31 days.

I, Darci, am willingly choosing to give up.........

SUGAR, (but not honey)


Ps I am doing this for Lent, but this was stolen from Tamara & Bonnie

Tuesday, March 3

Happy Birthday Tammy!

A few funny photos of a good friend from back in the day! We grew up down the street from one another, and got into lots of trouble and fun together!
   She turns 23 today!


Instead of wasting away

(click on the title to see the article that inspired my list of intentions)
So for this week here are my five intentions.
  1. To get up around 2:30 pm, which means going to sleep at least by 5 am.
  2. To make it to the gym at least twice.
  3. Spend at least an hour cleaning on my days off (and requesting Mr.Darci's assistance)
  4. Get a library card.
  5. Find out about schooling through work.
I am going to also post these plus more on my sidebar. So you can keep track as I cross them off. Some may never get crossed off but that's all right. I want to develop healthy habits. 
Intentions blog post

Monday, March 2

Random Photos

Heart shaped Strawberry & Banana muffins.
  Devil cat.
Anniversary Flowers
Co-joined flowers..


I am pretty proud of myself right now.  (sorry)
I designed my header and made the wrapper fit around it with out asking for Ben's help!
I may be a self proclaimed computer geek. But when it comes to web design. I skipped that class Oh wait, I was self-taught home-schooled plus geocites did all for you back in the day. This blog is stretching my html skills.
Thanks to Ben and his patient teaching over msn, I have retained and applied something.
 This post lead me to finding photos that I might just throw on face book.
Golden oldies. Anyone want to seem them?

Side note on my header: These are the flowers that Mr.Darci bought me yesterday!
Gerbera Daises are right up in there in my top ten (bonus points for him)
   This plant has muptiple blooms that have grown together. While photographing the plant and later thinking about a new header.
My mind wandered to how this makes me think of the two becoming one, and how both flowers would quickly die if separated from one another. Also how we shouldn't become separated from the Father, and how destructive separation from each other and God can be to the growth of your marriage.

 Ben at Dennys '04
Ben at Mr.Mikes'05

Sunday, March 1

2nd Anniversary

Today marks 2 years of marriage. One part of me can't believe I am celebrating this day, another part of me feels like it's been 5 or 10 yrs not 2.

I didn't know what I was supposed to do today with the ups and downs of the past 13 months.

I didn't bring up the fact that it was our anniversary soon. Last night I reminded him that we needed to pay rent tomorrow as it's the first (hint, hint).

So on the way in the door today after church I mentioned a craving for pizza and he said he would go to Sobey's and get one. Then he was sitting at the computer and he said to me "Today is the first right? Is it our anniversary?" (in his defense, He says "I knew our anniversary was the first, but I didn't know it was the first:) I had to laugh at this! I confirmed that it was, and then I told him Happy Anniversary. Then I asked if he was going to get me flowers when grabbed a pizza. He said he would get me "something", so I am waiting for him to get back! I admitted to him that I didn't get him anything. Not even a card. Oh, he's back! He just said "I found $50 on the way home!" I was excited and then he shows me the monopoly money.. :)
Stay tuned for photos of my surprise!

*Editor's Note* Oops, Oh well :)
 I didn't see the pink writing at the bottom of the photo until now (7 am Monday morning)

Love Note to my Husband:
On this day two year ago,
I chose you.
That choice I don't regret.
I can say I love you more,
today then I did that day.
I pray and hope we can celebrate
this day for many years to come.
I love and respect you.
Thank you for being my man.
Love your Starshine.

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