Wednesday, April 30

The girls are happy now!

Sorry Men.

You will not probably not want to read this. If you do. Well yeah..... I will be disturbed.

Well not really.

I have lost a lot of weight. I didn't realize how much until I tried to wear this outfit.

And kinda pulled it off. Cept for the bra. It was horrible. It's a DD 36. I made it into a halter, and I felt like it was floating all over the place. But anyways, off I go downtown to try and get my wheel aligned for the road trip I'm not going on.

I spent a frusterating hour finding out no one could do it before 3:00. So then I came back to my sisters house. Got them on the road, and grabbed her bike and went off to Ella.

2 hours later and $217.00 I walked out with two bra's.


I am very traumatized now.

I have always been very blessed in the chest area.

I feel like I have a Marilyn Munroe body shape or

Warning Curves Ahead... Or the blond bombshell shape.

GAH. You women with shall chest's do not ever complain, when I am in earshot. PLEASE.

I just found out my true size.... :S
Final result with 140.00 bra on. LOVE IT.

My rib cage is 28 inches, (now if only I could just make the waist line match) and my round the chest size is 36. Now you are supposed to count up 1 cup size for every inch. YOU do the math. Tell me what cup size you think I really am supposed to be.

Women of Terrace, get your butts down to Ella and find out your true size.

Ps they have the cutest bedroom attire, ever. (at least for here they do)

Week of Freedom!!!

WALL Of TEXT below You have been pre-warned

So much to say, brain dead ism taking over.
Alright how to start.
Maybe I should go back and re-read my own posts, instead all the other blogs I've been hanging out at.

OK so starting from today backwards. I went to see my sister and play with the niece.. I am going to miss her for the 1.5 weeks they are gone. I am desperately wanting to hide in the trunk of my car, and get outta the province. BUT I AM MATURE. Before that I went to the pool with Jen, and had a blast, doing cannonballs and back dives (more like falls) off the diving board. (Funny story bout something female that I just can't bring myself to share.. Ask me sometime)
I love hanging out with Jen's kids... so much better then having mine. I think we shall have a petition to have her move back here.

Work was a slight emotional roller coaster. I love training people.. the oldest child/mothering part of me. But my body always crashes around 3 and I only slept 9 hours out of the last 48.. don't ask..

So today I was trying to figure out where a vehicle was (service or fast lane) and I accidentally merged my two calls together (it's only taken me 9 months to figure that one out) and Mr.Fast lane comes on the line and I try to get rid of him without saying much, because the customer is about to pay his bill over the phone. Mr Fast lane tried to insist on knowing who was in the wrong b/c he doesn't have the vehicle. I say I figured out and I have the customer on the phone, THANKS, BYE. then to top it off the runner and SA stand 5 feet away and have this loud convo and I make the guy repeat his info 3 times. So I'm grumpy. Then Mr. Fast lane wants to see me.. uh oh.. we step outside the shop, and he says "I've noticed we butt heads allot" Here I am thinking DUH... so he apologizes, and then we continue back into the shop. Now I have a little issue, if I am emotional, and someone shows the smallest amount of pity, I dissolve into tears.. So I did it right there, when he started saying "we are all going through crap and it shouldn't come to work and affect us" I try so hard not to ever bring my issues to work.

For crying out loud I worked with a BF and then when he became an ex we still worked together, we even hang out once in a while now..
(personally I don't have any awkwardness there now,
but I might if his sister says something about this post to him. But he isn't that kind of guy)

Alright where was I.

Oh yes using the power of tears on men at work
. Bringing me to my next point.

I am the new shop runner at work!!! Woot Woot! Driving an 2007/08 F150 all weekend, dragging stuff around the shop, picking/dropping off parts. more then likely taking flack from the grease monkeys and giving it right back. So I to quote one of the guys "suck it up princess" and "Put on your big girl panties and stop whining" (this was a quote from his daughter) Imagine hearing that from one testosterone ridden monkey to the next. Yes there are good times are work.. But I am rambling.

Now if anyone is still reading this...

I had to buy new tires UGH... more money I don't have gone. But the two front ones had bare spots and I can't let the niece drive in a car like that.
OH but the good news is, after asking about 4 guys to change my tires, I finally sweet talked one. But I would have to wait 30 Min's. So being the tire changing expert I am(long story, I drove to fast 8 yrs ago) I pulled out my lug nut wrench. After about 10 Min's and 9 nuts loosen. The good Troy offered to help. Within 5 Min's I had 3 guys changing my tires, and I was standing there holding stuff, and handing out tools. LOVE IT! Someone walked by and said "What do I have to do to get mine done that fast??"
I have multiple answers. But I would say, look delicate and try hard, someone is bound to rescue you. (even if you don't need help)

OH, Mr Mikes has a great salad called Cascadia. (normally I hate their salads) and I was made fun of for ordering a water and salad. But you know when you just have a craving for one of those huge salads with everything in it. (This had some sorta of cheese, possibly goat. Walnuts, lettuce, cranberries and a raspberry like dressing) It was big enough that I ate it for lunch too.

Mmm I just spotted cookies. (guess who didn't eat dinner) I would have to say this is the first time I haven't had to hide the evidence from a family member who would eat it all without me.

I promise tomorrow to have a family member post. I have uploaded the pics, my brain was too full. Thanks for letting me unload it here.

For anyone who makes it to the bottom, you must check out this cool giveaway. (I'm not sure if the site ships to Canada) But you must check out the gloves and many other cool things.

I am day-dreaming
of summer
and camping...

Monday, April 28

Bonnie's Giveaway!

Miss Bonnie is trying to generate some comments and hit's on her blog.

Now people this is one of ours and we need to be stopping by there regularly.

She will post more often if we do. (myself, case in point)

She has a beautiful blog, and writes about all her adventures.


Bonzai's Monkey Land
PS this giveaway is only open to people from our neck of woods. Sorry everyone else.

Also people you have a blogger account so you can get an Igoogle account, next thing you want to look into is a google reader feature! It will make your life much, much easier :D Now for me, just to get a site that you can actually click on comment straight from the reader.

Saturday, April 26

Bloggy Giveaway Winners:

I did it! The long way of course, I figured out how many comments qualifed (87) then I rolled 15 dices, and added up the numbers!
My first winner is...... Qtpies7

This is her comment:

I want to try Luna Pads so badly! I am allergic to disposable pads and can't use Diva cups because of a tilted cervix. I'm afraid to invest in them because I am sure I will end up pregnant if I put money in them, lol.

You must check out her blog, I laugh so hard at the antics of her children. Only because things like this happen at my house all the time. (Look through my recent posts for a few bios on the younger sibs at my place)

The second winner is: Christi
I liked that she liked what I wrote in the About Me section. A little buttering up never hurt anyone :)
So she is getting a $5 coupon to use when she orders from Luna Pads!!

Tonight I am in the house alone with the animals, everyone else is at the trades fair, or camping with Scouts. How odd I just heard the dogs barking like crazy and then rifle shots... (Yes we live in the boonies on 12 acres) So far we are up to 6 shots.. with about a 2 min gap. Our dog has been chasing something around lately... Finally no more shots. Interrupted by text msgs. Moving on:

Tonight I made dinner! This is a very unusual happening around here. But since the sink was still clean from last night, and Caleb needed some food and I knew that we had healthy pasta(like icky Mac & cheese) I made that along with some tea. It was a lovely sit down dinner, before Caleb went out bowling with all the men and children from my church. I actually wanted to go and then realized it was a Men's only thing, and none of the ladies had invited me to do anything with them. Oh well that happens when you don't have kids.

I leave you with a few images:

The cake I made. (Not a culinary award winning decorating job, I only had a Ziploc baggy) Rick waited at least 3 hours to make sure no one else was running back and forth between the bathroom. You would think I liked practical jokes or something.

Anyone want a puppy?? They are males, only black left and are available for $350 each. Lab/Retriever cross, both parents are pure breeds.

My Luna pads before I break them in. They are sooo pretty.. on a side note (sorry men) I am using one today and I am totally impressed by them, Again! Oh and they sent me this amazing salve that I rubbed on my tummy last night and I don't know if it was all in my head, but cramps all gone!

Sometimes I wonder how many men actually read my blog. Now is the time to stand up and be counted. I know there are three out there, and I don't much pity for you.. Since you are married or know how women work :D

Friday, April 25

One hour and 15 mins until when I can draw the winner.. so far we are at 87 valid comments. I personally just want to give everyone something. But my budget would never allow that. I have at least one surprise up my sleeve though!

So tonight I came home to exercise, combination of Pilates and Belly dancing. But instead I worked out my heart. In the baking, loving, giving kind of way. I made a cake, and washed dishes, and recycled as much as I could get my hands on. Organized a few cupboards. Now I am sitting here writing in short sentence form, so I shall end this now.
Note: Plus it's 11:25 pm. Must go to bed now.
I leave you with a photo from the other a cook out!

Monday, April 21

Miss B

or Barb is Number 9. Barb stands for Bethany Anna Rose. My mom wanted to name her Bethany Ann, and I couldn't allow that. Because Ann is my middle name, and I have to share a lot of other things I shouldn't have to share my middle name. My mom really liked Rose, but no one else has 3 names.I went with my mom to the hospital for her delivery, I was 16 at the time, and my mom had labored all through the night. We were at the hospital for 15 minutes and there was the baby! The doctor didn't even have time to get there. The delivery nurse's name was Barb. So that made the decision, the baby would have three names.

She wanted to shave off her hair (in a lice ep) My mom said ask your dad. Surprise, Suprise, my dad said Yes!

She enjoys reading, and being active outside. Beth is a an achiever. When there are any fund raising events, she normally raises the most. She is the first one to canvas the neighborhood. She isn't shy. But I wouldn't say she is outgoing either.
I think she is slightly stuck in the middle of being part of the older kids group but always stuck with the younger ones. She will be 12 in the fall.
When she gets up early enough in the mornings she is my carpool buddy, making it to school early to catch up on math. It's definitely not my strong suit either, so I know what she is going through.
She is a very mischievous little soul, she has had one pointy ear like an elf since birth. (I think there is a direct correlation.)

Sorry this took so long in coming. (I have been thinking about it but the days have flown right past me.)

Men: proceed with caution (you can participate)

The give away is an amazing product called LunaPads.

I found this product at a huge health trade show 8 yrs ago in Vancouver. I used them for a while and then I lost some of them and slowly stopped using them.

Check out the site, LunaPads, and their blog, So the deal is that you have to find the names of Suzanne & Madeleine's children, between the two them, there are 3 children. Then leave your answers in the comments. I will be randomly drawing one name to win the introductory package. Retail Value $51.99

This giveaway closes on April 25Th at midnight. The draw taking place between the 26-27th!

PS Please leave an email as contact if you don't have a blog that I can comment on.

Sunday, April 20

Miss T - Number 10

My Rant of the weekend. People have been ragging on me about internet usage. Here I was actually typing up blog entry's. I am so freaking bored. I am caught up on everything. It's making me mad. I would rather be getting stuff down at home. But I don't want to skimp off my paycheck.

Miss Trish is every one's darling, She is very photogenic.

Right now she is memorizing her times
table so that she can get her hair cut
into a style, she has very thick hair with curls in it.

I am going to take her to my hair dresser and maybe we can get the curls to be more defined.

She always gives me a hug when I come home. When she was born my mother was convinced she was a boy, so she didn't have a name picked out.

My mother is Patricia, and so is my grandma. My parents have tried to pick names that can't be shorten. So they went with Trish Roz, (Roz is my mom's favorite nurse) I wanted the name Trisha Jewel (after Trisha yearwood, and Jewel :D) She is turning 10 soon!

She is happy child, who loves read, and excels academically. I think she started reading before Miss B (the sister right above her) She loves to write. She loves to come to church with me.. Well all the younger ones do actually.

One night she was upset at the family, she went to her room and wrote this huge story about how evil everyone was, except for me! I was in her good books :)

I won, I actually won something!!! I received an email Sat night saying that I won Flip Clips from An Island Life!!

Saturday, April 19

Abraham-Child Number 11

A.J. (Abraham Jacob)

The youngest boy! He is all boy.

He dislikes school, the reason given is because his teacher is mean. After some questioning turns out his defintion of mean is "someone who makes him sit still and get his work done"

Abe is turning 8 this year. He is amazing at Wii Sports, I was watching him play bowling the other night, and he has figured out how to angle it and knock them all down, over and over again. I could see him taking over the family business in a few years, or becoming a world leader.

Loves to get dirt under his nails, and can be found outside trying to nail boards together and create something.

He has a very strong personality. He also accompanied us a crossed Canada to Ottawa.

He is always up for an adventure and also loves to ride motorcycles with me. (This is the same activity which lead to a broken arm for Mr. E)

Friday, April 18


So today the spotlight is on Miss J!

She is the baby of the family and turning 6 at the end of next month.

She is way too smart for her own good, a little charmer.

She is starting school, and loves to go to Cubbies and help. (she is too old to participate this year) She loves being an auntie. When she was about year and half I put her in the baby backpack and painted the upstairs bathroom, while my parents where on a cruise.

We also used to strap on this pack and then hop on the motorcycle.. My mom used to complain that she would be addicted to riding!

We traveled together to Ottawa when she was bout 2, she loved to wave at everyone we passed. I think between her and Abe they will rule the world together :)

She knows how to work any situation to the best for her.

Or get out of trouble fast!

She is a delight to play, loves to tidy up. She has taken to making my bed, it's such a lovely surprise to come home :)

This is a photo from spy day.

PS: Everyone can take part in the blog giveaways. Just click on the little picture on the right side for guidelines.

Thursday, April 17

New Ideas

So I am thinking I shall do a little write up on each of my siblings. I am going to start with the youngest. I will do one every other day. Because if I did it once a week it would 11 weeks before we finished :)

Last night we went to the hot springs..
I took a million photos, but I shall restrain to posting only one of each of us.

Mrs. P and the baby

The 3 little fish

Darci and Baby P

Underwater Mermaid!

Me and fish#2

Uncle Adam and fish #3

Tonight is Rock Band Competition at Boston Pizza! They have reworked the rules a bit and it should be lots of fun. Check out the Facebook Event for more details.

My windshield was iced over, and there was snow this morning. AUGH....

Stay tuned for the Bloggy Giveway, I have a very cool Canadian company on board for the giveaway!
Come back on Monday morning for the details!!

Tuesday, April 15

Friday-Tuesday Fun

I had Friday off, Saturday off, and Sunday off. But the day was slightly hectic... I had church, made a movie. Although now I can edit with the new program. Because it hates mpeg4's. Anyone have use a program to convert mp4?
Then I went out to lunch for Michelle's 40th! Then home for an hour to read an interesting book.
Around 5 we had a family dinner and bible study, which I could keep my eyes open for.
At 7:15 I hopped in the vehicle and went down to the Pro-Life AGM, and listen to Jose Ruba speak. He was really good, Everyone missed out! Today we had a luncheon with him. Sounds like we might get people in to do training! Woot, Woot.
Back to yesterday, I went home and vacuumed. It made a world of difference in my room, and I took my whole tangled mess of computers apart and set up both of my computers properly. Now I am missing one power cord. (never did make it downstairs to find another one) Then my mom came up and helped sort out her clothing chaos. She sorts clothes for MCC and then ships them to Vancouver. (I must be patient enough to put up with the mess because I am not paying rent.)
Now the reason all of this tidying is happening is because Mrs. P is coming to visit with her two little boys tonight! This is the friend who I made trifle with last month. So the next few days will be filled with fun and friends :)
Here is a short video of the room, hopefully this will be minus one pool table, plus one cool rug!!!

Sunday, April 13

Human Camera

People you need start commenting..

I might just take a few days off.. We will see how productive I am at getting my room clean tonight.

Friday, April 11

The story of stuff!

Story of Stuff

Where to find the rest of the movie..

NOW TOTALLY RANDOM.... Excerpt from an email my F-I-L sent me...

Q. What do bulletproof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers,
and laser printers all have in common?

A. All were invented by women.


1. 1:46 am

2. What are your full names? Darci Ann

3.What are you most afraid of: Rolling over in a van. So I must start racing cars to kill the fear.

4. Favorite Past time? Reading, organizing..

5. Favourite food? anything other then Canadian, American, or Chinese.

6. Your natural hair colour? Blondie, but getting dirty looking

7. Have you traveled? All over North America (Techinally MX is South America, but I don't count it)

8. Do you scrunch or fold (toilet paper)? Fold

9. Love someone so much it made you cry? Oh boy.. Yes, Last night. again first time in like a month.

10. Been in a car accident? Nope. not really.

11. BMW or Mercedes Benz? BMW

12. Favourite day of the week? Right now... Probably Sundays.. or Tuesdays...

13. Favourite Restaurant? Baan Thai (Dragon Boy and I had our first date there and went back many times.)

14. Favourite Flower? Calla Liles, Gerbra Daisy, Pansy.. So many more. I am planting some tomorrow.

15. Favorite sport to watch? Basketball, Figure Skating...

16. Favorite Drink? Water/Chai Tea/Fresh Lemonade

17. Favorite ice cream? Soy Dream Chocolate Peanut butter chunk (which I don't think Save On Carries anymore)

18. Disney or Warner Brothers? mm whats the new one called.. Pixar.

19. Favorite fast food restaurant? Subway/Arbys (closest one is in PG)

20. What color is your bedroom carpet? super ugly purple striped, animal stained

21. How many times you failed your driver's test? Once(the written one)

22. Before this one, from whom did you get your last e-mail? um this is really old. Last email was Party-lite

23. What do you do most often when you are bored? I am never bored... It was a swear word growing up..

24. Bedtime? Was supposed to be at 11:45pm oops.

25. Who will respond to this me-me the quickest? No clue... Surprise me..

26. Who is the person least likely to respond? Ben... Cause he don't blog!

27. Who is the person you are most curious to see their answers? My Neighbor Laurie

28. Who means the most to you? My family, hands down.

29. Favourite TV shows? Still running ones??? House, Heroes

31. Tall or short? Perfect at 5' 4"

32. What is your favourite colour? This changes yearly, right now it's Orange, has been Blue, Purple, Green. Black/pink together. I have always hate red though.. But not all red.

33. How many pets do you have? 2 Big Black Cats

34. Age: Above or below 29? Below!

35. What would you like to accomplish/do before you die? How bout I post on this subject next?

Thursday, April 10

Dispose of Water bottles.. NO!

Thanks for doing your part to help reduce bottled water waste. By keeping your commitment, you can save 1095 disposable bottles each year from going to landfills!

Monday, April 7

Bathroom reno's...

Not in my bathroom though. it started with my sister wanting to wash a rat cage and has ended with the plumbing being pulled out of the sink, the shower head off. and up looking for a new tap. so much needed to be replaced. No pictures because the camera is dead. OH YES!! I found my camera. it was beside the pool table which is on it's side beside my bed. yeah.. I will take a photo of that for you.
neways off to pull together the bathroom for tomorrow. Cause I want a shower..

Sunday, April 6


I was going to be one of those people who did them right away :S
But now I am not. So I sit with a headache coming on.
Learning quickly, all the things I will do better for next year.
Oh why can't I just be lazy and plop this on some poor H&R blocky's desk.
I must always learn from the school of hard knocks.
I guess this way I will remember for next time.

I have been throughly distracting myself by making videos of old youth photos, the niece, and family trips. Fighting with programs crashing... I looked at MacBookAir's today... I almost drooled on it. I get so excited about electronics. it's just not right This will be my next major purchase, then I will do all sorts of geeky things to it and pack it around to shows with me. I am aiming for Sept as 1 yr anniversary present for my Candle Business. oh yes notice the nice html usage Ben?

My headache is getting worse...

oh yes, check out the new linky thing on the top right hand corner. I will be participating, with another chance for tealights, or whatever candle type I have handy!

Last but not least. Check out this blog for a chance to win a very cool flip book.

Disclaimer:This post has not been grammar checked.

Thursday, April 3

The Winner is....

With one wrong.

I think I cheated slightly on the question she got wrong. Now that I think about it I posted about the knee swelling adventures on MSN spaces before Tamara convinced me to jump ship. (Bonnie was also waving at me to jump too) So let me know what scent of partylite you would like! Or else I can ship you a random mystery pack! (I have my new summer scents now)

Linking and photos take way too long.

On to what's been amusing my web time and stealing my dad's bandwith.

Enter for the chance at candy! Dutch Blitz

The Great Blog Hunt.
Soooo much fun. and I'm not finished yet.
Enough said, click the linky!
Edit: I finished, but not before my dad came up to investigate what I was doing,b/c things d/l faster when I am sleeping.

Last night I stayed up super late, but while doing that I came a crossed a blog who needs many prayers. Please check it out when you have a moment. Nate & Tricia

I am off to read another chapter in Agatha Christie's Autobiography.
(Did you know she was raised a bible believing religious type from 0-5, her own words!)
EDIT: I went to sleep no reading last night.
Also I added a Blog Roll, and it will post your updated blogs there. Please let me know if you would/n't like to appear there.

Tuesday, April 1

Fool me once shame on you...

April 1st..
I must admit that I love this day because it allows me to pull pranks for good reason and then go back to being Miss Goody-Goody. Whom now one ever suspects..

So for my list of stunts that I sucessfully got away with today.
  1. Unplugged all the sales guys computers.(Haven't heard any feedback yet)
  2. put Darci is expectiing... as my Facebook status. As in I am expecting a few reations. (No I'm not pregant)
  3. Tell dragon boy I won money with Timmies Roll up the rim.

So if anyone fell for any of these, April Fools!

Now for my very silly blonde moment today.

I had to drop off a CN truck at another business in town this morning, and the SA told me it was running out back, so I went on my merry way and hopped into a grey F350, and dropped it off. Was sitting in my chair a few mins later and the SA asks Darci why is the CN truck still in the back running???

OH NOOOOO... I started laughing.. I delivered the wrong truck. So I called and told them I would be back shortly and switch trucks before a tech started panicking.. Don't ask me why the CN part of the whole thing didnt' trigger anything.. didnt' even see that truck the first time. Needless to say I feel very foolish..

Now the prank I didn't pull was put salt in the tech's coffee machine.. I even brought the coffee. But since I am going to be working with them more directly next month it's not a good idea.

Plus I kinda screwed it up when I had to swtich trucks and couldnt' do it without getting caught :S

A friend of mine is expecting and she likes the name Sonya and wants some suggestions for a middle name. Any ideas? Thanks!