Sunday, April 20

Miss T - Number 10

My Rant of the weekend. People have been ragging on me about internet usage. Here I was actually typing up blog entry's. I am so freaking bored. I am caught up on everything. It's making me mad. I would rather be getting stuff down at home. But I don't want to skimp off my paycheck.

Miss Trish is every one's darling, She is very photogenic.

Right now she is memorizing her times
table so that she can get her hair cut
into a style, she has very thick hair with curls in it.

I am going to take her to my hair dresser and maybe we can get the curls to be more defined.

She always gives me a hug when I come home. When she was born my mother was convinced she was a boy, so she didn't have a name picked out.

My mother is Patricia, and so is my grandma. My parents have tried to pick names that can't be shorten. So they went with Trish Roz, (Roz is my mom's favorite nurse) I wanted the name Trisha Jewel (after Trisha yearwood, and Jewel :D) She is turning 10 soon!

She is happy child, who loves read, and excels academically. I think she started reading before Miss B (the sister right above her) She loves to write. She loves to come to church with me.. Well all the younger ones do actually.

One night she was upset at the family, she went to her room and wrote this huge story about how evil everyone was, except for me! I was in her good books :)

I won, I actually won something!!! I received an email Sat night saying that I won Flip Clips from An Island Life!!

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Bonnie said...

Trishy is by far one of the coolest kids ever. Man, I miss those munchkins. They were ever so entertaining. Especially when they made up stories about how I would marry an Australian and we would live in a castle in Aussie Land. Hehe.