Monday, September 29

Telus + Blogger

equals FAIL.
 I tried to post a video of my neice walking and a clip of the house. Plus a photo. But you probably see the strange format. Plus now my camera (in my phone stopped working) and the alarm too. GRRRR
 Well I'm off to training. I think last week was one of the longest weeks of my life. I thought training was over already last night, and I was so excited about going to small group. Then husband popped that bubble.

Saturday, September 27

In the Kitchen

With Darci... (who is half awake, and dazed. Just one of those days)

 So I am thinking of just adding extra noodles to the Creanmy Garlic one not knowing that there is Tomato and Pesto powder in the bottom of the second package. (which was open. Don't ask me how old it is)
The results!
A happy Husband :)
(on left is microwave rice) I didn't tell the husband because he is all into mixing spices and what nots. He said it was really good, but made him want Ice Cream :) (I know two carbs, but it took me less then 20 mins to make)

and for breakfast tomorrow: Chocolate Honey Bran muffins.. (from a package)
(the last tenant left Husband lots of food stuff)

Wednesday, September 24


Third day of training.. Nothing much to report.
Today Darren brought over some really nice chairs and eventually we will get a table that matches :)

I was hoping to get some reading done but I think that I might have to wait till after work.

Welcome Tim to blog land!

I took some photos today. The cat on the back of my chair and the house but I am waiting for rest of my stuff to arrive. (Packing my cables and charger in my carryon would've been smart.)

Monday, September 22

First Day of Training

Uber boring...
The room temperature fluctuated like crazy.. There are probably 3 people older then me, a few around the same age and a few younger. 6 females and 7 males.

We might be moving.. For some reason I really don't want too. But I don't have any good reasons. So I am leaving it up to Corbett..

100 Push-Up Challenge

I first read about this on Ruth's Blog, then I found it on another blog Canned Laughter.
One Hundred Push-ups
I did the first three days, but then with moving I was distracted and never got back to it. But on last count I did 56, rotating between regular push-ups and girly ones. So I am going to start again, and I challenge you to try it!
You can sign up for a push-up logger to keep track online.

Saturday, September 20

Dang Cat

The other night Corbett accidently locked Daxter in the boot room, and then next morning it smelled awful. Then smart me, I must've put my shoes in the pee. I found out today, and rinshed them off and off I went to the mall. I get home and can still smell that awful scent after taking off my shoes. Well now my feet, pants and socks stink. AUGHHHH.... so now I have to wash my shoes again. ( I just washed them before I left)
 I only brought those runners and dress boots. So it's dress boots for me. Until my mail arrives (which is predicted for the 30th)
So my new job will be at Convergys. I start training on Monday from 4-11:30pm. I will be taking calls about home networking when I am done training.
 Corbett is already working there. When I was in for my interview, I noticed a sign that talked about a referal bonus. So I mentioned it to Corbett today, that when he gets it. He should take me out for a nice dinner, seeing as it's $300!! :)
 I just have to last for 90 days. I expect to last much longer then that though. The other cool thing I learned about is that if I tell people about bundling their services, (Internet, Phone & Tv) I will get commission on it :)  So hopefully I will be able to convice a few people.
 We went to the mall today for the second time but we rode the bus both ways, it's a very long way when the wind is against you. We then ventured up to Value Village, I found was a cute little purse with a D on it, and three books, two Agatha Christie and one Jodi Picoult (Which everyone seems to be reading these days) It's the Tenth Circle.
. Corb found a purple dress shirt, and a gray suit jacket, and a brown shirt.
 Corbett works until 4:45am and then gets up at 7:30 to help set up for church. Poor guy.. I'm hoping he will get a schedule change soon. 
  Tonight I finally made my cookies. Corbett bought my baking soda, and I bought a cookie sheet, (we have an older one, but it would've taken me forever with only one pan)
Tomorrow is my first Sunday, and I'm going to the Avalon Wesyelan church, which is pastored by Corbett's friend Darren. Corbett is doing sound, and they have designs on getting me to do it.
While not burning any cookies, and sweep the whole house, and clean the kitty litter. So glad to get all these small things done.
 Tomorrow or Monday we are going to be rearranging the two rooms we have and combining them and then finding two roommates. That way our rent is a lot lower. (it's pretty cheap already though)
  It's a beautiful house, in a nice neighborhood. I am planning to take photos and a video soon.
Well I hope everyone's weekend has been lovely and relaxing.

Friday, September 19

I have the job!

I made it to the East Coast!
  The flights where good, and I watched some movies and tv shows :)
I think I'm finally caught up on my sleep.
 Other then a cold, with a runny nose, things are going great here.
I had a job interview and got the job,
 I start training on Monday!
I will taking calls for home networking/modems.
 I got a manicure in the airport and now have bright red nails :)
Well back to House for me.

Monday, September 15

24 hours (I'm not ready yet)

This is the most kind of frusterating packing ever. I am not taking everything with me. So I have to decided what's important and what can wait for later.

I thought I could devote an hour last night and be all finished. But sadly I just walked in circles and piled more stuff on my bed and became overwhelmed.
 The worst part is that I have to mail half of it, and then I have to figure out what goes in the million bags I am taking on the plane.

My cat is driving me crazy. I can't let it out of my room otherwise I will never find him tomorrow.

Thursday, September 11

A little progress

So I took about 25 things to the consignment store and I have a huge pile of probably another 25 things to give to my sisters.
  I packed most of my clothes.
Today I sent off all my packages to friends and picked up three containers to mail some things out east.
  Between Facebook and Flickr, I'm managed to waste away another hour..

You know what I would love? A going away party...

I leave you with two photos from hiking the Hill at the Camp Sagitawa

Tuesday, September 9

Procrastinating still

So I bought luggage today, now I'm wondering if I should've looked at backpacks. 
No, I'm sure I can pack more into these. (mine are red) $64.99 Reg $129.99
Now to packing... ohhh I really don't even want think about this. I have to decided on what to send ahead of me.

Last night I went to a cleaning products party, and I order a few things. They are antibacterial (silver in them) I am excited to get the products. I am going to another party on Saturday night, where I am going to buy the mattress cleaner (which will kill dust mites and keep working for months after you use spray it)
 The cool thing about these products is you don't have to use cleaners with them because of the silver/antibacterial components.

My new Jewel cd arrived from Amazon, plus some books I ordered for gifts. So I am listening and loving it!

Now I am going to look at my books, I leave you with a link for a great video on procrastination to help you procrastinate a little while longer :) Design for Mankind

Thursday, September 4

Rainy Dayz

So I looked through my clothes today, just to realize I did this before I left when I tried hosting a clothing swap. Now I just need to transport all the unwanted clothes to the consignment/thrift shop.
  Because it's way to early to start packing anything.

Tomorrow is my Final Exam for the course I took this summer. My grade was 38% out of 40 on the lesson's tests. Which means that this test is worth 60% of my final grade and I need to get a total of at least 80% to pass the course..

 I posted new photos on facebook. I am too lazy to repost them here, and besides that the ones I got up are about 6 weeks old already. (I ya'll are my friends over there anyways)

I miss the sun from camp already.. Tomorrow I get my hair cut also, I'm excited for that!

Monday, September 1

Drugs are bad..

Of this I am even more convinced.
 I've developed sore elbow tendons, and have taken muscle relaxants for it (normally one because I try and advoid drugs in general)
  Well the other day we went to town, I bought myself some meds, and took 2. Promptly feel asleep for an hour and then not quite thinking straight I took another one when I got up. No pain, it was awesome.

Well about 3 hours later I was feeling awful but couldn't figure it out. Then it hits that I'm probably suffering "side effects" (My herbal course pays off) so I read the box, sure enough.

Things improved the next morning.. So I try to sleep last night, feel asleep pretty fast. But woke up feeling horrible.. So I'm still awake sipping my peppermint tea, hoping this all goes away very soon, because I am leaving for home in a few hours, and still need to pack.

On a better note the last few days of camp were a blast and I went to the wedding of two friends from camp last night, it was lovely.

I snapped a few photos but alas all are stuck on my camera.

See everyone soon!!