Monday, September 15

24 hours (I'm not ready yet)

This is the most kind of frusterating packing ever. I am not taking everything with me. So I have to decided what's important and what can wait for later.

I thought I could devote an hour last night and be all finished. But sadly I just walked in circles and piled more stuff on my bed and became overwhelmed.
 The worst part is that I have to mail half of it, and then I have to figure out what goes in the million bags I am taking on the plane.

My cat is driving me crazy. I can't let it out of my room otherwise I will never find him tomorrow.


AngiePants3 said...

Hey Chicka dee... So you are moving out East? Umm wow... is this for good? I'm sure you can store stuff at your parents until you can get it can't you?? Ahhh well all the best!!! Miss you!!

D-Ann said...

I've officially moved! It's for probably a year.