Thursday, September 4

Rainy Dayz

So I looked through my clothes today, just to realize I did this before I left when I tried hosting a clothing swap. Now I just need to transport all the unwanted clothes to the consignment/thrift shop.
  Because it's way to early to start packing anything.

Tomorrow is my Final Exam for the course I took this summer. My grade was 38% out of 40 on the lesson's tests. Which means that this test is worth 60% of my final grade and I need to get a total of at least 80% to pass the course..

 I posted new photos on facebook. I am too lazy to repost them here, and besides that the ones I got up are about 6 weeks old already. (I ya'll are my friends over there anyways)

I miss the sun from camp already.. Tomorrow I get my hair cut also, I'm excited for that!


AngiePants3 said...

Congrats on passing your course Darci
Thats super! How's being home from camp?

Lilith Silvermane said...

Darci! You are still around!! HI!

Just wanted to swing by and give hugs, I hadn't seen you in a while!

Congrats on your test!