Tuesday, September 9

Procrastinating still

So I bought luggage today, now I'm wondering if I should've looked at backpacks. 
No, I'm sure I can pack more into these. (mine are red) $64.99 Reg $129.99
Now to packing... ohhh I really don't even want think about this. I have to decided on what to send ahead of me.

Last night I went to a cleaning products party, and I order a few things. They are antibacterial (silver in them) I am excited to get the products. I am going to another party on Saturday night, where I am going to buy the mattress cleaner (which will kill dust mites and keep working for months after you use spray it)
 The cool thing about these products is you don't have to use cleaners with them because of the silver/antibacterial components.

My new Jewel cd arrived from Amazon, plus some books I ordered for gifts. So I am listening and loving it!

Now I am going to look at my books, I leave you with a link for a great video on procrastination to help you procrastinate a little while longer :) Design for Mankind

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