Friday, December 31

Working backwards part 2

So we arrived in Whistle Village and got Moriah and Caleb bundled off up the gondola, Aaron and I slushed around the interesting little shops, and attempted to find the natural playground. The weather varied between, rain, snow, and wet slop. Poor Aaron had forgotten his boots at home, so was wearing Caleb's runners, so he had to wet but warm feet. I thankfully had these lovely knee high boots that I received as a Christmas gift. The lovely info ladies directed us into the conference center, which had bouncy houses, and games set up. It was very awesome and totally free. Poor T was afraid of all the blow up stuff, I'm guessing mainly because of the number of larger and rougher children running around. So we entertained her for a while and she started to get sleepy so we trundled off, and she feel asleep in the stroller albeit without her boots. I know, Bad auntie.
 I bought a lot of chocolate and other expensive things that day, and we enjoyed Ice wine truffles from Rogers(which originated in Victoria, and is celebrating it's 125th anniversary)
 After about three hours, we got a message saying we are headed down the hill. An hour later after collecting chairs and sit skis we finally battle our way out into traffic. Sadly it was so stressful we decided to skip Fire & Ice. Instead I took a nap and got ready to go dancing. Sadly when we finally found a bar that inhabited, the first one had 2 people standing at the bar talking to the bar tender, it was close to midnight, and the bars close at 1am, well at least they did on Sunday night.  The only interesting thing was this dude named Chris who introduced himself to Caleb and then proceeded to hit on him. Caleb used us as distraction and turns out Chris was with his siblings too, so we danced half a song with them and then headed out, but before Chris left he decided to give me a hug, and it wasn't your 3 sec I don't know you.. it was longer.. almost uncomfortably long. I was like whatever, in the moment, but then when talking on the way home realized, Caleb had no idea who the guy was. It gave us all a good laugh.

more to come because I need to stop pounding away on my keyboard.

Thursday, December 30

Let's all extend a warm welcome...

My dear friend from home has started blogging.
 Let me introduce Monstars Mom!
Now I wonder if I have a photo of her.. let me go dig around.

Oh, look I found one. :)

Working backwards part 1

Now that I actually have something to write about, I start to drag my feet then I'll be complaining in my brain that I have nothing to write about again, because all I am doing is playing farmville, watching Gossip Girl, picking up books after the baby and reading novels.

 So on to my brag worthy news.

I spent my Christmas in Whistler!
 To make it short, Caleb (the sit skiing brother) is living in the Athletes village and then traveling around the country and neighboring countries competing. So we rounded up all three siblings and the best friend and baby minion and packed a lot of food. 
 We arrived around 4 pm, should have been closer to noon. Aaron and I whipped up two lasagnas, one for the freezer and one for dinner. I thought about making potato soup, totally should have because I was too tired to the next night, and we ate lasagna again and debated about getting back out into the snowy awful roads. 
But I'm getting ahead of myself. We had my fake wine and played games after dinner, had some good laughs and stayed up way too late. 
 Moriah and Caleb rolled out of bed, and I was texted asking why wasn't I making the blueberry pancakes, which didn't seem wholly fair to me, since I was to be babysitting and trying to amuse myself in Whistler instead of cruising down the hills. So I made them start cooking and I came down to finish. Oh the highlight of my sleep was not being bitten by a strange bug, and hearing the rain pound on the windows/roof.

Wednesday, December 29

Could've have.

Because I'm procrastinating about actually writing a post or two about my holidays, I am going to supply you with photos I took during the 7 day challenge. Not all are 7 day challenge worthy, just interesting to me. A few were taken by my niece. 

Now I would've love to ride in this as kids with my 11 siblings.

Notice the Sign?! What does it spell backwards?

American road which runs by Abbey

Saturday, December 25

7 Days - Day 7

7 Days - Day 7
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Today was a chill day, mostly trying to make a list of everything I would need for food. Because I'm spending Christmas in Whistler with two of my brothers and my best friend. We are hoping to get in some snowboarding, but we are in the middle of a storm. Mostly likely the one that was battering California. This is our only Christmas Decoration, neither of us was really into decorating but I packed this all the way from home this summer and was determined to enjoy it, and I have.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, December 24

7 Days - Day 6

7 Days - Day 6
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While driving the back to Abbey today, I learned that it actually borders the U.S. I lived there for 5 months and had no idea of this. So of course I had to take a photo of this lovely sign. My only regret is not peaking around the other side to see if it said United States. Later I was told "oh yeah, they have heat sensor and cameras along here." Gee thanks. Also I got to see the property where they busted the guys who had tunnelled a crossed to the U.S. to smuggle drugs, it was only two blocks from the border crossing. Geniuses, they were not. We also drove by the property which was used in Smallville as the farm.

7 Days - Day 5 - Festive

7 Days - Day 5 - Festive
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Super busy day- Started off with going to Body Worlds, and then touring around to Value Village looking for treasures, which we found! Then off to get Gelato and then not having enough balls to get into the right lane made me have go around the block, which was a happy accident because I found this house!

I clicked off a few photos, then I heard a door slam and didn't feel like explaining myself, so I hop in the car and successfully made to the second Value Village.
We rounded the night off with amazing Thai food and the third Chronicles of Narina movie: Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Therefore the reason this is late.. I didn't go on my computer all day.

7 Days -Day 4

7 Days -Day 4
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Today was a really lazy day, I couldn't quite get my focus together, trying to plan Christmas Dinner in Whistler, I think we landed on lasagna. Later I watched a lot the Mentalist and then I finally found the energy to bake (I've made so many cookies lately) So I whipped up these Pecan Turtle bars, first time trying them. Then some Cranberry pie, and now because I'm crazy, I'm hoping in the car to go pick someone one. about 80 km away.

Monday, December 20

7 Days - Day 3

7 Days - Day 3
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Today hated me. I woke up really late, I couldn't find dried cranberries at Safeway, my brothers truck was dead when I went to pick it up. But the highlight of my day, my sister and niece are flying to Calgary to spend Christmas, and I was able to see them on the layover. Sadly the lighting at this statue was dim and my camera hates dim lighting so no photo of all three of us.

7 Days - Day 2

So I'm a day late.. I know.. But the Survivor Finale and I couldn't find the second cable to connect up the TV so I had to disconnect the Internet, and totally forgot to upload. Oh and the theme was Bright

The baby has been sick for the past two day and not sleeping well, which means she is keeping us up too. So I took her for a long walk. Mama was able to get a nap in and baby slept for longer then 15 minutes. Double win.
 Other Bright photos..

Not sure what's going on with my eye lid

Saturday, December 18

7 Days - Day 1

7 Days - Day 1
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I am participating in 7 Days on Flickr. 
Lots of cool people are doing it. Like Bethany, Jen, SAJ

Caption : I've moved to a new place in the lower mainland, and my roomie took me to the Fraser River, and sadly it's nothing like the river I grew up with, and it's very dreary at this time of the year. But I love walking on the rocks and exploring.

Friday, December 10

so this is what happens..

Note to self, take next before photo when dry.
When my brother comes by to hang out:


Let's get smashed! pie.

 Ps. Bonnie this one is for you, light on words and heavy on photos :)