Thursday, January 31

small update

So yesterday was a fairly sucessful day in that I was able to pick up alot of the choolate and fun things I need for the 12 days of Valentines. Although I didn't get my room cleaned up at all. That will be my plan for tonight, get some cat hair vacummed up. We did get the gas fireplace going, and it was so amazingly nice. I didn't want to get up.

Dragon Boy and I have been doing isometric excerises, at least once a day. Well he does them morning and night and I have only done it in the evenings. I'm also counting calories. My biggest downfall is that my lunch is usally callorie laden or it doesn't quite fill me up and then I eat chips or chocolate bar. Augh.. nothing good in it.

I am in the midst of applying for a new job.. but it's hard, as bored as I am. I get good pay and benefits. AUGH.

Tuesday, January 29

Cat anyone?

We have a giant black Persian cat to give away, with lots of stuff.. He needs a good home with lots of love and affection..
Will post a photo later.
He is driving us crazy cause we are gone all day and have no where we can shut the door and he can stay up all night..
Short post off to do do a Partylite Show.. I have new cataloges and products so get a hold of me to be a hostess!

Thursday, January 24

So Maybe that photo was alittle racy... :)

Corbett Trying to make it down a hill without falling over.
My Mayia & Me
Spy Girls United, kinda.
Frozen faces... Teehee.. maybe I should've given him warning.
Love the snow!
Corb's christmas present from me. Homemade Flannel PJ Pants..

Valentines Day


I am in charge of planning Valentines day and Dragon boy is doing our one year anniversary (March 1st) This is something I scrounged up.. What do you do for valentines day?


Tuesday, January 22

A week.

Lizard Girl & Dragon Boy Adventures in the sunny cold.
Last Wednesday the doc told me I have ezemca.. here's a prescription.. I only ready had the cream, and it's starting to clear up. Frustrating.. Not itchy but i have really bumpy elbows and knees and the backs of my hands. I started calling it Lizard skin, and husband nicknamed me Lizard Girl, so he became Dragon Boy. (he is not allowed to call me that though.) We had a little run in with a local fishing store and trying to return one of Corb's presents. This lady's customer service was the worst I've run into in eons. I sure hope it's also the last of it. She ended up calling me to apologize and then retracting that apology later when talking to the husband. Not impressed. So now we have a $80 Gift Certificate...

I've been sleeping huge amounts lately and it never feels like enough. Although this morning I woke up at 6:20 feeling quite fresh ed. I think I might have found a good waking time finally. Ohh and I finally had a little chat with my boss last week. Although I didn't' get a chance to ask about having Monday's off. But he did say that he is OK if I quit at anytime.. I have another job possibility but I have to take my Resume in. That would include making sure it was presentable. My To-Do list is starting to overwhelm me. Dragon Boy and I watched two movies last night. (personally I was happy with watching just one and doing something else with the 1.5 hours of zoning. But he said No) We watched Stranger then Fiction which I really liked, then we watched Blades of Glory which was funny in some parts.. But not a fave of mine. (lots of sexual references)

OH YES! On Saturday night we played Texas Hold'em at work, and I kicked some serious butt! I won $100 dollars, but only took home $90, because I played a third game. (which I shouldn't have because it was SO bad) It was a great night. But I already have the money spent.. no Gym pass this time ;(

Ohhh and I've lost 4 lbs. I also found out that I can't wheat, I get so nauseous and sick feeling after eating it. For some reason I forget or think I can handle it, then I end up so sick feeling. It's happened almost every day for a week. Blah..
I've been doing better not eating sugar too. My goal is to be 115 lbs and if I lose 2lbs a week until May I can do it. But I need to incorporate some exercise and figure out how to count my calories properly.. I'm using which is great but sometimes it's hard to count my calorie intake. Once I started realizing how many calories are in a bag of chips or chocolate bar, and how long it takes me to burn off 350 calories. My brains says NO don't do it. Plus it saves money too.My new snacks are Quaker Crispy delights, Butter popcorn, they are puffed rice chips. So yummy and only 90 calories.

On Sunday it was sunny and beautiful, on our way to church I had a brainstorm. Lets hike into Kelanza creek. So we bought lunch, drove out there, to find at least 3 feet of snow. I decided to see how it was for walking on. There was two ski trails that had compacted. So we started in. Then He decided to ask, how long of a drive is this normally? oh about 5-7 minutes. Ugh that's like 30+ mins to walk! Poor guy just had runners and a zip up hoodie, and I was in a down jacket and snow boots. It was a great walk, only wildlife we seen was a spider. I took lots of photos, which I post later sometime. I was so cold, I started losing my balance and feeling quite sick.. The wheat effect again.. We made it back to the car and poor Dragon boy was freezing cold. Next time I shall make sure he is better prepared. I totally forgot to bring hydrates so I was dying of thirst by the time we made it back to civilization.

Anyone else see the news headlines about Heath Ledger.. He's left us.. no more handsome smiling face. I loved A knights tale. Goodbye Heath.

Dragon Boy has Two Blogs!!

Check out and leave some

Unmatterably Unanswerable

Villains of truth

Thursday, January 10

Happy Birthday!!!!

To my Husband!!
The man on his boat from 2006.

This one is from 2003 I think.. When we first met.

I will post later with details of birthday fun, I am still waiting for him to wake up.

(small update)
After almost 4 nights of not sleeping. I slept the whole night!!!!
Woke up at like 7 (my internal alarm still works)
My World is starting to re-settle again.
(it always seems to need to 180's and dump everything upside down
so that I'm not to comfortable in my bubble)

PS. People who are dropping in here from all over the world
and not commenting better start soon!
I do have a site meter on here (just so you are aware).
Lately I've been paranoid about the footprints I leave on this world wide web.
I have made it easy for you to leave a comment, please do.

Please pray for saftey

This is a news story I found about my uncle. I'm sure you might now who it is by now. But to protect my feelings of sanity I have replaced the names and exacted places in some of the story. My parents are going to the memorial and I would like if everyone could just pray for their safety, I find i'm battaling alot of fear right now for anyone who is driving on the roads this winter. I have never had this fear before. I even drove home last year at this exact time, and was totally protected by God's saftey. Thank you.

Darci's Uncle, 59, a contractor with his own business in B.C., set out riding Sunday morning with five friends in the area north of his home town.

"The friend noticed the snow was moving under him, and it was heading directly toward Uncle," Corporal of the RCMP's detachment said yesterday. The other rider was able to stay above the snow and he and his friends were able to dig out Uncle, who was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

Tuesday, January 8

And another post!!!

Tamara & Stephanie, I must give you credit where credit is due. I would've never come to blogger if it wasn't for you two. Tamara for telling me "it's cool" and Steph for moving so far away that I wanted to keep update on all her adventures. I love reading every ones blogs and being able to feel like we just had a nice chat over a cup of coffee with photos! But Tamara you are right, We need to coffee and soon. I miss real friends, I mean live living ones not just e-buddies. I am way too much of a loaner for my own good.

Back to the other reason I posted. Another blog which has affected me much more then I will ever share is PostSecret. Now this site is not for everyone or for most people. Frank posts real live secrets on there. Some are 18+ and I don't approve. But that's not the point. There is a community spirit building behind this blog like no other that I have ever found. I have poured out my heart to these strangers more then anyone alive in the last 48 hours, and people have been amazing. Asking pointed questions, giving good advice.
Now that I've shared my little secret with you, please don't go looking for my secrets. But hey if you find them, please just pray for me. Don't share them with everyone you know. Thanks!!
But do know that I warned you the site is for faint of heart.

This is a secret off of the blog,
that touched me so deeply this week.
(ps I'm a dork and didn't realize webdings font meant "webdings")

Monday, January 7

How Green are you?

This will quite a random post with additions when I think of them.
Maybe a quiz then some of my own musings.. But this has recently become an obsession of mine.

Two Quizzes, Sorry you have to follow the links because I'm not blog smart enough to transfer them right here. The first is more for Teens, and the second from National Geographic
Quiz #1
PS I scored embarrsingly low on the top quiz.
Which I will post after you take the quiz and comment with your scores.

I know people are quite fanatic about this issue, I'm not one of those people. Yet.
I don't plan on becoming one, but I do plan on becoming as green as I can stand to protect what's left of God's Green Earth while I am here. I know it wont' be around forever.
But I do need to be a good steward of what I've been given.

For a special treat a"Dorky" green photo of me..

And a more princess looking photo :)------->

PS. Hi to my neighbor to be!!
You should leave comments, I love knowing who actually read this blog.

(Think Green courtesy of:

Sadness (more ranting and raving)

if you don't want to hear the realness
and complaining of one overtired head.

So the new year has started with the news of my one of my dad's brothers passing away. If everyone could keep my dad and his family in their prayers, not a lot of the extended family has Christian beliefs, but I pray God can send people to comfort my Aunt and Cousins..
He had lived a good life and was snowmobiling when it happened, my mom made the comment he probably would have said something like "Well might as well go doing something I love"

Everything time I think about, I just burst into tears. My Empathy button is working over time right now. I'm working on my second sleepless-ness night in a row. But I find that I am so much more attuned to God's voice when I am tired.

Oh bother, I think my keyboard pounding disturbed my Husband.
Alright, well he hasn't gotten up yet, that's a good sign. Sometimes I feel so mean because I toss and turn in bed and then get up and be noisy on the computer (watching you tube with no headset) or typing.. We only have 2 connected rooms so I have no where to escape too. Well I could go downstairs but then I would wake up my parents probably. (We live in a connected apartment)

Moving on.
(PS I feel like I've moved on to the raving part of ranting and raving)

I am sorry for everyone who reads this blog and thinks.
  • She has no life
  • She is such a complaining baby
  • Why cant she be more cheery like all her friends blogs.
But You know what I've realized. This is my BLOG!!!!
Oh yeah and I need to write to blow off steam, so I'm trying to not spill my e-guts everywhere. But I've come to the point, when I have to say what I am thinking and not care what anyone thinks accept my Saviour.

I think I want Talk Therapy.
Click on the link for the explanation I found.

After chatting with a dear friend and reading through postsecret forums, I have been to the other side of emotion, and now have a headache.
I was so thankful for a friend who couldn't sleep too, because she helped list all things I want to discuss with my boss at work tomorrow. The important things that I shouldn't just suck up and accept.

  1. I want a raise if I deserve it
  2. I need more challenging tasks to b/c I am getting bored and wasting my precious time sitting at work. When I feel like if I worked 4-6 hours a day I would be more productive, and I'm used to a totally diff work environ. Either give it your all, or go home :)
  3. I would rather trade jobs with the car wash girl who gets .50 cents less, and we've discussed and she's happy with the trade. (would that be crazy to ask?)
  4. I really would like to be a salesperson... at least I would like to try.
  5. I WANT Mondays off (when I took the job I thought I that was for sure thing)
  6. Oh yeah, and we are hoping to move!! so either way you might need to look for someone else before the years up.
So what do y'all think?
PS if you know my boss, please don't direct him to this post. I would rather tell him in person because that's only fair for both of us. Oh and I'm not editing this post tonight. But I might after I have some sleep..

Sunday, January 6

I am feeling.... (pity post)

  • minimalistic - I want to sort through my clothes and pack two boxes. One-Small but want to fit. Two - Doesn't fit nicely but I love it to death. Then hang everything else up.
  • un-organized - Two PL shows next week, and I have no idea which new and cool products I should bring, plus I want to redo my show presentation, and I don't have my PL manual.
  • swallowed up - owing money.
  • bored - my real job is driving me crazy.
  • run down - my immune system just can't catch up with itself
  • un beautiful - can't get rid of a few pounds, hate that I can't just be happy with who I am.
  • under appreciated - wish I was doing something that I could fully spread my wings out in, and show that I can do it!
  • INSOMNIA - The reason I'm posting at 1:30 in the morning.
I really need to start taking an hour to wind down for bed, because I get all wound up and then I can't sleep. I though maybe I was over this, but nope!!
Plus I started watching something on YouTube which was very thought provoking.
It's an hour long and I haven't finished the whole thing yet, but the first part was really good.
Do set sometime aside and give it a listen. It has the power to change your life :D (uhoh must stop now, I am reminding myself of a pastor I know)

BTW, per the note at the top. Yes this is a pity post, no I'm not asking or looking for it. I'm just saying it so it's out there. My five min complaining rule. You have five, say everything you can then stop and give it all to God.

Some 2008 resolutions (I rarely actually make these, because then I can't break them)
  1. To live greener. (
  2. To eat right for my blood type, or just plan healthier.
  3. Take one course from the Alive Academy.
  4. Lose 20 lbs.
  5. Become a better wife, daughter of the king.
  6. Rid myself of everything I don't need/use regularly. (Downsize, as Husband would say)
Well I think I will stop there because I might start writing things I will never get around to doing.