Tuesday, July 31



Sunday, July 29

Partylite free stuff

So my Partylite show was success in the roundabout way of Catalogue orders. :) I earned 178.00 of free stuff! and 2 half price items and a few super deals like 120 tea lights for 35.00 and other great deals for the hostesses.
So it's going to be just like Christmas when it all comes in. I am hosting another show on Sept 15th because so many ppl didn't show. Well lets just put it this way. I had two ladies show up. Gee THANKS.. I made all this dessert and everything.
Neways this is your chance to make it up to me
and come to the next party..
Maybe i'm be having a house warming first
so everyone knows how to get there.
NEways.. Stephanie we have a date to go to the peeing tree! Msg me, and as soon as your dad gives me the day
off we can head out there.

Last night I woke my husband out of dead sleep. I was yelling in my sleep, supposedly freaking out mad. He didn't do anything because he didn't want the wrath directed at him.. It was really odd because I don't remember dreaming anything right after falling asleep, and I wasn't mad about anything. All though I did have a weird dream this morning about an ex that is now married, and we still liked each other. But had chosen diff ppl and to bad so sad for us. It was quite disturbing because I wake up next to my dear husband who I love dearly. Thinking about this ex who I haven't talked to in a good 5 yrs or so.. We've both moved on but my brain was on some werid crack last night. Neways.. Today I'm doing a smoothie only day, kinda fasting so my body can have a break and flush out a little. Just because every time I eat I get bloated. I'm thinking of taking the husband to the hot tub and me for to work out then soak..
I'm going to rent Beautician & the beast with Fran Descher (sp?) I have this craving to watch it :)

Well I'm out for now.

Thursday, July 26

Well 2:30 and I've finished all the tasks I can think of and some brand new ones. So I took photos of my room last night but didn't get a chance to post them.

I am going to look for moulding for my window and some blinds or curtains. There has been too many times when I am changing and look out the window and realize I'm in full veiw of the family.. AUGH..

Today is one year since Corbett and I started couting(dating) and approx 5 months married!! Thats what happens when you know each for four years, and like each other from the start :)

I bought some cute and lacey for a surprise yesterday, but didn't even remember till last night that it was our 1 yr.

So I think he has something up his sleeve cause he drove me to work and then took the car.

Last night I didn't get the screen in the window properly and it fell out, resulting in both of us being eaten alive by bugs..I miss no bugs in Victoria. They suck so much. I don't enjoy going to the lake becuase there are so many biting insects.

I have a new dress for Saturday and the weddings!! it's White and linen, Ankle length.. With two diff necklaces to choose from.

Next week I might get to take level 2 first aid. I am excited about that. it's something diff. Plus I will get saturday off. Woot! Then on monday I will have so much paper work to catch up on. eww. but no boredom at least. Sounds like I have a new job to learn. So I'm off to get busy. Oh yeah Must check out this blog. www.bentobejcts.blogspot.com Very entertaining.

Tuesday, July 24

Tuesday's Girl

Last night I was snuggled up in bed and hit dreamland at 8:00 pm. I had joked about how Husband's bedtime was 8. Then I just zonked out. I woke up at 1:22 am, thinking that I would have to get up soon :)
I totally need the extra hours. I haven't been to sleep that early in years.
But at 10 am I am still yawning. I wanted so badly to rollover and go back to sleep.
But duty calls. Someone had to bring the bacon home. Besides I can sleep in tomorrow morning. Day off, WOOT!!
Oh my favorite song is playing Big & Rich " lost in this moment"
It's our song :)
So I passed my awful cold on to the husband. I'm getting a sore throat now.. gosh.. Summer colds are evil.
update on sore throat, well it disappeared, after about 4 cookies!!
So I finally went out rollerblading. I am so out of shape. Well that's not true, my shape is round. Blah. So I had achy hips and calves, I definitely need to do it more often.
Then I went to Moriah's for a nice healthy Guamole & Egg sandwich :) Well I should figure out how to be productive instead of writing blog entries.
I just drove a F350, Such a huge truck. Don't ever want to own one.

Monday, July 23

Busy Not Working!!

I am still taking orders for PartyLite.

If anyone is interested in making a catalogue order.

I will post pics of my new room colors.

Saturday, July 21

New Job

Today was secret agent training. Meet at a earlier disclosed location, hand over keys. Hop in get away van and be dropped back off at training. To twiddle my thumbs until the phone rings or I find some filing to do. I am a getaway car driver!!! Real title is Appointment Cordinator at Ford. But today I did some pick-up and drop off's of repaired vehicles.
I started on Monday, I've been learning the ropes. New computer system, new phones :) Learning how to make appt, extract info from the mechanics on repairs. I've been told i'm too quiet in my corner, my corner is definitly not quiet though, with mechanics, phones, and office ppl running around. Our phone girl seems to be always phone. Only 22 mins left today.. Yesterday I spent my first day off, painting my walls Jet Set gray. Next color is Pic Nic green, and then blue for the bathroom.
A few days later :) well one week down! Walls are JetSet and PicNic Green!

Thursday, July 5

Partylite Show

PartyLite Candles!!

Come one, Come all!!
Jen Paquette is coming to Terrace

and hosting a show at my house :)

July 15th 2007 @ 7:30

I have invites with a map,
if you want one leave a comment.If you've never been to a party then you must come just to experince the fun :)
Check out her party site.