Sunday, July 29

Partylite free stuff

So my Partylite show was success in the roundabout way of Catalogue orders. :) I earned 178.00 of free stuff! and 2 half price items and a few super deals like 120 tea lights for 35.00 and other great deals for the hostesses.
So it's going to be just like Christmas when it all comes in. I am hosting another show on Sept 15th because so many ppl didn't show. Well lets just put it this way. I had two ladies show up. Gee THANKS.. I made all this dessert and everything.
Neways this is your chance to make it up to me
and come to the next party..
Maybe i'm be having a house warming first
so everyone knows how to get there.
NEways.. Stephanie we have a date to go to the peeing tree! Msg me, and as soon as your dad gives me the day
off we can head out there.

Last night I woke my husband out of dead sleep. I was yelling in my sleep, supposedly freaking out mad. He didn't do anything because he didn't want the wrath directed at him.. It was really odd because I don't remember dreaming anything right after falling asleep, and I wasn't mad about anything. All though I did have a weird dream this morning about an ex that is now married, and we still liked each other. But had chosen diff ppl and to bad so sad for us. It was quite disturbing because I wake up next to my dear husband who I love dearly. Thinking about this ex who I haven't talked to in a good 5 yrs or so.. We've both moved on but my brain was on some werid crack last night. Neways.. Today I'm doing a smoothie only day, kinda fasting so my body can have a break and flush out a little. Just because every time I eat I get bloated. I'm thinking of taking the husband to the hot tub and me for to work out then soak..
I'm going to rent Beautician & the beast with Fran Descher (sp?) I have this craving to watch it :)

Well I'm out for now.

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Tamara said...

I've -never- been to the peeing tree, so I'm including myself in that adventure lol