Sunday, March 30


I had a great trip to Vandehoof and then to PG!
I went to Value Village and found a cute black skirt and a bandanna.
At Spring Tour, I won a Strawberry Fields 3 Wick and Porch Lemonade Pillar!! Then these adorable little terra cotta pots!
After that I went to Payless shoes and walked away with 3 sets of shoes for $66.00!!
Then Jen and I went to Moxies for a bachorlette party. Was so much fun :) They
talked about dancing but then nixed the idea, which was a little disappointing because I wouldve loved to go. So we went home.. Then I caught a ride with some friends home! It was such an inexpensive trip cause I was able to hitch rides both ways!!

Update on the work situation..

Today was the last day I was expected to work my Appointment Coordinator job. Go Figure no one told me that.

But it now sounds like I talked myself back into the job for month of April until the shuffle happens. I might not even start the weekend job until May now.

Sooo this is good news for my bills. Bad news for the part of me which was rejoicing about sleeping in for 5 days of the week.

Now just get to my partylite ball rolling. Anyone interested in a free shopping spree :D

Monday, March 24

This is post 100 for me!

Easter Weekend, Always eventful around my house.

I skipped out of church early and went to my parents church because my sister Meleah was being baptized. Yea! Right before it all happened a baby in the front row dropped a glass bottle on the floor. After Meleah came out Jewel went running up and gave her a hug.

Afterwards she went sliding on her knees back to her place on the aslie. She found the only piece of glass that they didn't get. It was in her ankle. She came into the row and there was blood on her tights, so I took her back the kitchen and she did really good letting me clean it up and dig around it. I could feel the glass but then I started to see tiny little specks so I was afraid of breaking if off. My dad finally came to the back and we soaked it for a while and still couldn't get it out, so a trip to the emergency room. Which I have to say was the fastest ever. The nurse was great, she pulled the shard out and gave it to my dad and let Jewel keep all the stickers they printed with her name on them :) Then we went to DQ to treat Jewel for being so brave.

After all the excitement I took a nap :) Later we had Easter dinner at the church, and I ended the evening by making Banana bread and roping the kids into organzing the kitchen and doing their chores.

All photos are stuck on other peoples cameras.

Contest to be annouced next post in honour of my 100th posting.

Saturday, March 22


Good Friday Fun!

This is from two days ago I think..
Cora and I playing in the mirror

Photo Shoot with my favorite baby, new hair, and skinny me!!

Mommy and Baby at Spa Party (pics mebbe on FB)

Baking my heart out!

Two Pumpkin Pies

What a kitchen looks like mid-process :)

Baking in the oven! 3 Apple Pies

Glazed and prepared with love by Shantel, Tamara & Darci.

Finished Product!

I wanted to make banana bread too. But need more supplies. So maybe tomorrow. But my housesitting fun and freedom also ends tomorrow evening.

Ps sorry for the stacking of posts! but I had to catch up. Also Steph was correct for the guessing where my B&W photo was taken. As soon as I slow down long enough to mail you, a surprise will be coming your way.
Prize well that is yet to be determined.. How about candles? or Pie?? or hmmm the options are endless!

Friday, March 21

Retail Therapy (pics)

Super Duper Buys!

Ricki's Earrings... Also Jean Carpis and Shirt for 5.99 Each!!

Bag-Urban color

Awesome sweater- Urban Color

Ricki's Earrings

Etsy Shop Made-Urban Color purchased

New Bible

Books from the closing Christian bookstore. I love these authors and they interest me... I shall post how I enjoy them as I devour them later.

Thursday, March 20

Crazy Thursdays

I had a interesting day at work.. so many ups and downs..
I almost didn't make it because I was sooooo tired this morning.

I was dreaming that I was in Kelowna and my sister was living in a high rise apartment building and we looked out the window and the city was burning to the ground. So we started packing what was important and moving it out of the place. It was so tiring and demanding and I was so concerned with saving the things that mattered. I think my mind is telling me materialistic things can be replaced but memories are forever and to save anything we couldn't replace with something new and cooler.
I woke up so tired and so sore.
I didn't want to go to work.
But I knew I just had to survive one more day then I had another day off.
So I made it to work late.

Then I rushed through the day.

With lots more Retail therapy. More photos to come of course. (No camera right now.) I bought $100.00 in books I think.. Plus a purse and a sweater!!

It was grand! I am going to rest my head now so I shall post after I settle my day out tomorrow. But I am looking forward to a new day with more sunshine! Bring it on.

I have the most amazing friends right now..
Thank you everyone for loving me for just being me.

Here is a photo that they took at work for a website. Bleh...

Wednesday, March 19

In Faith I speak but without love it's nothing.

(Warning none of this might sound correct so just fill in the blanks)
gosh... I just lost all my formatting.. sorry...

I had planned on starting my updates. But lets just start with the now.
I slept till 9:30 got up and did nothing. Thought about cleaning. Made the kids clean. Did more nothing. Called a friend. Remembered a few things to do downtown. So I went to work and passed out Gingersnaps (compliments of my sister) then to Curves and told them I couldn't sign up cause I hate the idea of going when it's sunny outside. Then I checked out the Urban Color and the amazing purses!! (I gave myself a day off and if felt grand!)
Then I did some retail therapy but only spent 65.00 :) Photos to come.

Tuesday night I was at my sisters and so I hopped on the scale and I am around 127-128!!!! (sorry no Modesty this time) I just can't eat when I am wound up and I know that My God is bigger then my need for sugar and food and sleep. Now that doesn't mean I never need it again. I am so lost if I skip meals, and mean when I don't sleep.

But I have had my will reformed by the potters hand in this past week. I can no longer sit by idly if I don't agree. I must say something as gracefully as possible. I might be stirring a few pots but only because I need to see some change NOW.

I wish I could articulate everything that was said at home group tonight. I love my small group. They are SO amazing. and my church.

So tonight we prayed for my husband because I want God to love him right back to restoration. Cause I need him beside me and I need to be with him. I miss him terribly. But I want God to make me the wife/woman I need to be.

So it's hold on to my promises and let my protector fight the good fight. HE WILL WIN! and when he does we are going to celebrate! Cause my Samurai is a mighty warrior who I have not always been nice too. But I love him and want him to know that his Princess is waiting in the Castle to be rescued. She will wait always and forever for him and only he can slay the dragons and get to her.

God is bigger then me and him, and loves us both more then I can fathom.

So much is hold your breath cause I can't let all my secrets slip out yet.

But cool stuff is happening! Oh oh.. My thoughts are coming and going..

Oh yes if you read anything that doesn't have an author attached on it. I wrote it... :P

But I've never had the courage to actually admit it. I will post more later.

Good night!

Tuesday, March 18

Rollercoaster won't stop soon....

I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!- Dr. Seuss

Tomorrow is my day off so I will translate my thoughts to this blog then. :)

Monday, March 17

Trouble's coming!

This post will be the beginning of a mini series on the current events of my life.

I am sorry this is slightly cryptic.

But I have so much going on,

I want to tell you but only in some way that makes you laugh and glorify my

God who is BIGGER then my TEARS and FEARS.

:) If you get it.. Just smile cause MAN, do I feel good today.

Thanks for the unquestioning support over the last 6 weeks.

Details will come I Promise!!
So I bribe you with a photo of the joy of my life!
My Niece Little Birdy.

Isn't she adorable.. She is 4.5 months old now, I feel old.

PS I haven't felt this happy in eons..

Wednesday, March 12

Life Goes On

I turned my music on to get motivated for sanding my walls, this song was the first one that played. It says it all for today!
More to come later after I accomplish something with this beautiful day.

You sucked me in
And played my mind
Just like a toy
You would crank and wind

Baby I would give till you wore it out
You left me lyin' in a pool of doubt
And you're still thinkin' you're the Daddy Mac
You should've known better but you didn't
And I can't go back

Oh Life goes on
And it's only gonna make me strong
It's a fact, once you get on board
Say good-bye cause you can't go back
Oh it's a fight, and I really wanna get it right
Where I'm at, is my life before me
And this feelin' that I can go back

Wish I knew then
What I know now
You held all the cards
And sold me out

Baby shame on you, if you fool me once
Shame on me if you fool me twice
You've been a pretty hard case to crack
Should've known better but I didn't
And I can't go back

Life goes on, and it's only gonna me strong
Life goes on and on and on

Gotta feelin' that I cant go back

Life Goes On
Artist:LeAnn Rimes

Tuesday, March 11


Tonight I get to accompany my niece to the swimming pool!! Today at lunch I was informed that I would use Penny's razor on my legs. In other words she will not be seen in public with hairy man legs. How nice of her... Can't just accept me for who I am.. Ok so I guess they do scare me a little too. I didn't have time to shave them this morning, I decided being on time for work was more important..

So far I've been stood up by guys twice this week.. Men, can't live with them, can't live without them. Then tonight they invited to geek it up... I told them if I could fit it into my busy social life I might swing by to play some StarCraft.

Maybe I will slurge on a underwater dispoable camera for tonight.. Also fuel went up another .3 cents. Grr.. so we are not at $1.17 a litre... So I am hoping the wholesale club hasen't raised their prices yet, and I can still fill-up at $1.14.. My car has been acting so werid on it's usage. The last tank I thought I would get great mileage then I let it run for like a hour while chatting to a friend. grr... This time I only put it 45.00 dollars.. I just want a motorcycle. Thats my goal for this summer.. Let my siblings drive my car.. Then I can be a cool biker babe..

Thursday, March 6

A week's worth of updating.

Yesterday was the most eventful day of my week.

I put putty on a few more holes and attempted to seal the seams in the drywall. Then I went to get some blood taken. The actual needle wasn't that bad. But the after effect was pretty hard to handle. I read the signs saying if you feel dizzy please let someone know and sit down.

Well being stubborn I walked out and made it through the doors and thought uh oh I'm a little dizzy. I went to the edge of the building and had to sit on the sidewalk, everything was going black and I felt woozy. It took about 5 Min's for this to pass. Finally I was able to stand up and know I wouldn't pass out.

I proceeded to Penny's to pick her and Cora up for portraits at Wally World. First we forgot her dress, then she wouldn't smile. At 6 we went back to try again, with the dress in hand. She smiled but we had the hardest time capturing it. Then we tried to choose our photos and there was some confusion. The end result I only paid $11.20 after taxes!! She only charged us for the second sheet. Restoring my faith in the photo department.

I watched 4 movies this week. The worst was The association of Jesse James, The Invisible showed all the scary parts in the trailer and was predictable but good. Die Hard 4 was sooo good. Very cool action scenes. Across the Universe was interesting and I loved the music. But has some nudity.

Weight update!! I am at 132!! Which I probably shouldn't be announcing on the World Wide Web. But I am excited :)

This morning I walked with my mom and took my vitamins.

Ultra Productiveness is coloring a Easter picture for Fast Lane...

Saturday, March 1

What to say on day like Today?

This day brings the most unexplainable pain I have ever experienced.
I can not and will not start to explain it.
This day that I dreamed to be a happy reminder for years to come has become a burden to me.
One that threatens to sink me like the Titanic.
I will not be surrendered to the depression that is always looming right now.
I wanted to write beautiful words in tribute to the past.
But I can't.
Not right now, it's all too painful and fresh in my mind.
Maybe another time.
If you are reading this,
I love you. and all the unspoken things I haven't said and will never say in a forum this public.