Monday, March 17

Trouble's coming!

This post will be the beginning of a mini series on the current events of my life.

I am sorry this is slightly cryptic.

But I have so much going on,

I want to tell you but only in some way that makes you laugh and glorify my

God who is BIGGER then my TEARS and FEARS.

:) If you get it.. Just smile cause MAN, do I feel good today.

Thanks for the unquestioning support over the last 6 weeks.

Details will come I Promise!!
So I bribe you with a photo of the joy of my life!
My Niece Little Birdy.

Isn't she adorable.. She is 4.5 months old now, I feel old.

PS I haven't felt this happy in eons..


joni Happy St. Paddy's Day said...

excellent darci.

starla said...

so glad you had such a good day! love you!!! oh and way to go on the 135lbs!!!

Tamara said...

SO glad you're feeling good today :)