Thursday, March 20

Crazy Thursdays

I had a interesting day at work.. so many ups and downs..
I almost didn't make it because I was sooooo tired this morning.

I was dreaming that I was in Kelowna and my sister was living in a high rise apartment building and we looked out the window and the city was burning to the ground. So we started packing what was important and moving it out of the place. It was so tiring and demanding and I was so concerned with saving the things that mattered. I think my mind is telling me materialistic things can be replaced but memories are forever and to save anything we couldn't replace with something new and cooler.
I woke up so tired and so sore.
I didn't want to go to work.
But I knew I just had to survive one more day then I had another day off.
So I made it to work late.

Then I rushed through the day.

With lots more Retail therapy. More photos to come of course. (No camera right now.) I bought $100.00 in books I think.. Plus a purse and a sweater!!

It was grand! I am going to rest my head now so I shall post after I settle my day out tomorrow. But I am looking forward to a new day with more sunshine! Bring it on.

I have the most amazing friends right now..
Thank you everyone for loving me for just being me.

Here is a photo that they took at work for a website. Bleh...


Bonzai said...

Ooo I like the new blog temp! I defiantly think its time for a contest! Woot! Btw...I didn't read your post yet...shall read it once I get home from Fish n Chips!

Ps. I really like that picture of you! I Loooove the hair! <3

Stephanie said...

Where do u work now?

Tamara said...

I want to know what the bloody prize is! lol

I had tons of fun hanging out with you tonight..even though it was short, I learned how to bake an apple pie! Love ya!

DaRcI said...

I am at Ford still... with big question marks in my mind as to how long that will last.
Prize could be anything in my power to make :D