Monday, March 24

This is post 100 for me!

Easter Weekend, Always eventful around my house.

I skipped out of church early and went to my parents church because my sister Meleah was being baptized. Yea! Right before it all happened a baby in the front row dropped a glass bottle on the floor. After Meleah came out Jewel went running up and gave her a hug.

Afterwards she went sliding on her knees back to her place on the aslie. She found the only piece of glass that they didn't get. It was in her ankle. She came into the row and there was blood on her tights, so I took her back the kitchen and she did really good letting me clean it up and dig around it. I could feel the glass but then I started to see tiny little specks so I was afraid of breaking if off. My dad finally came to the back and we soaked it for a while and still couldn't get it out, so a trip to the emergency room. Which I have to say was the fastest ever. The nurse was great, she pulled the shard out and gave it to my dad and let Jewel keep all the stickers they printed with her name on them :) Then we went to DQ to treat Jewel for being so brave.

After all the excitement I took a nap :) Later we had Easter dinner at the church, and I ended the evening by making Banana bread and roping the kids into organzing the kitchen and doing their chores.

All photos are stuck on other peoples cameras.

Contest to be annouced next post in honour of my 100th posting.


Bonzai said...

aww poor Jewels! Sounds like an interesting Easter weekend!

Stephanie said...

Yahhh 100!!!! I may not comment all the time but I read your blog every day.

joni said...

aww that is an awful thing to have happen...
glad you and your dad could team up..poor girly, sounds like she handled it so well.

contest announcing huh.. sounds very intriguing ..

hey just wondering ...did my bowl from the party show up yet?