Wednesday, March 26

Quiz time

How much do you remember?

The Prize will be a dozen Partylite candles!


Jenny said...

I took your quiz....I suck!...sorry!!
The question that asked"when did you become a niece?" should it read aunt?"

Bonzai said...

Woot! I got all but one right! The swelling one got me.

Bonzai said...

Sooo Darc? How can you tell what people are getting right and wrong? Because it didn't ask me my name or anything.

DaRcI said...

Please Post your results!

Gwen said...

Dang, that was bad! I DO read all your posts, I promise! I tried to post my results, but the HTML was rejected - too many fancy styling. But I got 54%.

lovinit said...

1. Lost in this moment- Big & Rich
2. Teal
3. 3
4. West Corp
5. Knee
6. Guild wars
7. Alberta
8. Prince Rupert
9. A tree outside
10. Yes
11. November 5th
12. 20 lbs
13. 2

Christy said...

69%...bummer!!! Apparently I need to get to know you better!