Wednesday, September 26

So Much!!

Where to start :)
Last Wednesday was my starter show for Partylite! We had a great turn out of Ten ladies. I didn't quite hit the sales mark I wanted too but that's alright, because my starter kit will be earned from the other shows in October!
It was such a busy week I didn't have a day off because I worked Mon-Fri, then drove to Vanderhoof Friday evening. Hopped in the car with Jen on Sat morning and drove to PG for my first regional meeting with Partylite, which was excellent because it was all basic training.

Corbett and I stayed the night at Esther's Inn, which I have to say after everything my mom used to say about it, I was a little let down.. I guess I will have to try it one more time. We didn't get there till 9:30 and the pool was closing at 10. There was football team staying there. so imagine you are sitting in a small hot tub. Only three adults, and out of the sauna pours at least 15-18 teenagers, around 16 yrs of age.. UGH.... it was wall to wall testosterone. I was slightly uncomfortable. But after about 3 mins they all piled out, taking a third of the water with them. Which they did apologize for... :D

Then I sent Sunday shopping at Value Village, Body Shop and La Senza. Stocking up on nice bras that you just can't find in Terrace.. Spent way too much money which was justified by well when do I ever buy clothes in town.
So ANYONE who wants to hold a Partylite show, Contact Me!!
I'm relaxing today and hoping to make my room more live able.. The main walls are painted. If I only I could find the Blue paint now. I really want to paint our "bathroom area" so that I can check that off my huge to do list..
Then we need to build a wall, install toilet, sink, shower.. and list goes on and on..
Well it's 11 am, and I scheduled that for cleaning and organizing.

Tuesday, September 11

Penny catching her fish!

If you look closely you can see it flipping around!
Cute pregnant lady fishing!
My Husband fishing

Chase pulling in the big one! That got away :D
We went fishing on Sunday and Penny's fish was the only one we ate, because Chase's was too far gone..
Corbett & I went out last night, the fishing where jumping like crazy. But do you think I could get anything to bite.. So frusterating. I wanted a harpoon I would have better luck :D
So I've decided to I am going to lost at least 10-15 lbs.. they just keep creeping up on me and hanging around my stomach.. I'm thinking WHAT!!! I'm not preggers I don't need a tummy. So I'm buying a gym pass soon. Setting some goals, one being as soon as I hit 120-125 I'm getting my ear pierced. The reason being It doesn't matter to anyone else if I do or dont. Corbs family bought me some beautiful ones, but I can't wear them..
I'll keep you updated on my progress. I can't wait to be able to fit a size 28 jean again :D

Thursday, September 6

Partylite Show!!

My mother is hosting a Partylite show, Everyone is invited to come out and smell everything if you can't get anything, then book a party.

Because you get so much FREE stuff. My July show I received 170+ dollars, plus a speical offer of 12 dozen tealights for 35.00

Show is Wed Sept 19th @ 7:30 pm at my parents house.

Leave a comment and I will email with directions.

Monday, September 3

Finger Eleven

At work I have been listening to Sirius Radio. Love it!

But today I'm on YouTube and I think my new fave is Finger Eleven.

I found the song Paralyzer and something about it is so great.

All though some of their music videos are slightly strange, I like the music.

"Beware one of them has a nude lady in it."

I'm thinking I should remove my husband away from his computer and go home to do some painting. Cause I really REALLY want to finish my room. Just have to do some trim and make curtains and put moldings around the windows.. But it's just not happening. I think I would like to get a week off from work and finish it..

If anyone has kittens to give away, let me know. I want a fluffy white one.. I went to the pound but they have to put all of them down, because they have a Feline Cold. Dumb people didn't tell me before I found one I wanted. But I don't have the money to spend on curing it.. So now I'm hoping to find one locally.

Corbett & His parents


Tessa, Corbett, Wyatt

Sunday, September 2


These are two Secrets that ppl have sent to a blog called PostSecret. If you want the addy email me. This website is quite interesting. But some of it is 18+, so please be aware some people secrects are not pretty. Some are sexually themed.

Saturday, September 1

Camomile tea

It can be my saving grace.
You know those days when you wake up and you have PMS?
See for me I am rarely bothered by Aunt Flo's one a month visit. In this new chapter it's always a relief to see her show up..... Anyways. This morning I woke up and felt SO bad. Lower back pain, major aching that was quickly turning to stomach cramping.
Now I hate to take unneeded drugs. So I turn to Tea!
If I'm ever drinking chamomile you can bet I'm chasing some stomach ailment away. It works on PMS cramps, or any stomach related aching. Because it relaxes the muscels that are tightening and causing the discomfort. So next time you have of those periods from hell, Curl up with a large cup of tea. Oh but a word of warning. Do NOT wait till it's almost cold to drink it. This will cause your flow to increase. Now I don't know if that then causes the cycle to end earlier. But just keep that in your head
I've posted a link to back up my claims!! Take a quick read for the scientific explanation :)