Tuesday, December 29

Jesus is the reason for the season

It's been a green Christmas for me. Which fits just fine, seeing as so far I've managed to control myself and not say BAH HUMBUG.
 This merry season has really come up quickly for me. Something to do with life turning it self up upside down a few times. 
 We had a lovely breakfast that I slept through, and then a yummy lunch and dinner happened on Boxing Day. We had a neighbor family over and Mel's twin friends arrived from Progress. It was a loud and rowdy night filled with good food, friends and lots of laughs.
 Below are photos of the feasting, and game playing, the entertainment (Birdy spinning), The Nativity Cake,

Birdy opening a gift from friends, and a table full of cookies and chocolates from grandma!

Tuesday, December 22

point taken.

  • I won the battle of clean clothes vs my bed, and now they are all put away until I do laundry again.
  • My bed is stripped and waiting for me to my iron. I am going to attempt to block a scarf. I am afraid.
  • I missed the chance to vote on the last 4 ep of Survivor for our fantasy game, and I'm not gonna like I am very upset. I had no idea the voting would close Sunday evening.. Stupid No Cable.. 
  • This flu is making crotch-y and old feeling.. Like I'm an old soul aching in the this young body, I just want to be better now. Thank you Very Much
  • I have no Christmas Spirit, and the worst part is I can't even drink Eggnog or make cookies right now, because I don't want to give this lovely flu to anyone else.
  • My External HD is alive again, I think that my day, cause then I can keep obsessively watching Lie to me/Bones/Criminal Minds.
  • I stole my mattress back, and I might get a decent night's sleep, Finally!
  • Have you ever looked deep inside yourself and found too much repressed anger... I did... Mine is starting to hit the boiling point. But I think that's another topic for another blog.
  •  I think that enough random ness for one day.

Sunday, December 20

back from deaths door

Okay so I'm being melodramatic but I was so freaking sick with this awful chest/head cold for the past two days I've done nothing but sleep and read and watch movies. Every joint was aching, I had a fever, I just want to sleep, but then I wasn't tired. So now I'm left with the I'm hacking up an internal organ cough, and I'm done with being sick 'tude. Maybe now my rooms will get clean. (that was my plan for this weekend before I got hijacked)

I've been in the worst of moods, so I didn't feel like blogging because everything I could think of was a complaint.
 So I am going to do mini book reviews.
Vanishing Acts--- Very well written, slightly disturbing content, not for children. About a child who finds out she was kidnapped by her father.
When the Crickets cry --- Unique writing style that leaves lots to the imagination in a good way, about a little girl who needs a heart transplant and the community who loves her dearly.
Angels in Pink --- Classic make me cry story, about teenagers who help at a hospital.
The wal-mart effect - Very good look at the cost of walmart, the good and the bad. Easy and enjoyable to read.

On my to read list
Take One -Karen Kingsbury
Why Mexican's don't drink Molson
The Myth of Ability
The Lovers Knot
Perelandra - C.S.Lewis
Smart Cookie making more dough.

Edit:  My brother is laughing at me for being such a nerd and reading so much.

Monday, December 14

The keeper of my heart

Just got older!
happy mouse
Happy Birthday Dad


I am struggling to get my outside door open, it's midnight. The stairs to my room are against my parents bedroom wall. I am carrying to packages and a limp plate of dessert. The heavier burden slips out of my fingers, and out tumbles two books, my knitting and my 1 terabyte external HD Aka Externalness. It all makes a larger clattering noise and I add Oh Sh*t to the clamor. Only two thoughts go through my head, "So sorry mom and dad, and NO my last HD died rolling around the backseat of my car with the printer, not this one too."
 After picking collecting the contents of my bag, I realize the stand for the HD is missing. Then I walk into find all the chicken I fed the cat last night didn't sit well with him.
  I attempt to turn on my computer just to have it shut off twice after about 2 seconds. I manage to un-stick the button, and test out my hard drive. Which works!!  
  I went to take my dessert to the fridge then I walked into the attic ladder which never got put back after they extracted the decorations.

It was a long 10 minutes. Which thankfully is all over!