Thursday, March 18

Hellloooooooo, is anyone out there?

I am back!!
 Did you miss me?!

Today I went for a walk with one of our dogs to get the mail, there was only a Canadian Tire newspaper, but on the way home because I was wearing the mantle of adventure My Frodo Cape (see in photo above) I followed an old road, it was very overgrown and I found lots of moose droppings, eventually I had to cut back towards the main road because the trail dropped right off and started to look it was just a creek bed.
  I seen pussy willows! Which means spring is truly on it's way.
There was barely any snow in the bushes, which is very odd for a few days before spring, we are used to having a few feet hiding amongst the trees.

 The other day I was trying to do some laundry, and my mom asked if I wanted to take out some frustration on her closet. Because she is can't put anything more into the closet or take anything out, plus she said she doesn't really like most of it.
  So we staged a mini what not wear, and then my dad walked in and asked if we were poking in his side. To which we responded NO, and his reply was well that would be a good thing to do :) So after pulling out at least 3/4ths of mom's stuff, I moved on to dad's side. Now they tons of room and only things my mom wants to wear and "won't make her look like the grandma she is"(my words)

 So much has happened in the month and half, I didn't write. Part of me could care less about sharing with you, but the other part loves to record these things for my future benefit. So I'll try and hightlight the important things in future posts. Other things you will find out as time goes. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

 We have puppies! They are about 2 weeks old and my mom is selling them for 650.00 each they are purebred black labs.

Puppies - Photo Credit - Mom's Facebook
Me-Photo Credit:Bonnie Ratchford