Thursday, January 29

You've Got Mail

  I grew up in a rural area, where we had to walk 2 km each way (23 minutes according to Google maps) to pick up our mail from big green boxes. I have fond memories of a little red wagon, my mom and sister, on warm sunny days. We walked because my mom loved to walk and get us out of the house. Some days we would pick up the mail on the way to town, it was always a treat to be allowed to unlock the box and gather the treasures. Fast forward to 2006, they shorten our address, dropped the rural route to our street address and, (We still don't have the address posted on the driveway yet) changed our postal code, and gave us red boxes on tall legs.  Fast fwd to 2008, in St. John's they have the same red boxes, and no one on our street gets mail delivered to their doors. We all walk to the box and pick up our mail! Normally this would be a bright spot in my day, but it's been so windy and cold here, I dread the 0.1 km walk.  So twice a week I go pick up the mail.  
 Yesterday everything in the box was for me! My new visa card (long story), some gift certificates from a recent Partylite Order, and a handmade bookmark from my MIL.
  The bookmark was a surprise!
I've been participating in online swaps recently because I love getting things in the mail.

Yesterday I mailed off my Kitchen Swap Items.. Now I eagerly await my package in return.

What is your favorite items to receive in the mail?
Edit: My dad posted our address on our driveway last week, March 2010

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Clover said...

i don't get much in the mail... i like it when i get something different tho, like when i got small things from ebay a few years back (big stuff required a trip to the post office, tho, not so much fun for me)- beads, scarves, whatnots. what i hate getting most? the mail for the 3 previous tenants that have LONG BEEN MOVED OUT, PEOPLE!!!!! lol