Saturday, April 28

Guild Wars

I am now the proud owner of all three parts of this game!!! I have a level 18 character and two level 6's. One PVP character. But she will soon be deleted..

I leveled my characters for probably like 4 hours yesterday.
Husband did the taxes :) and I worked my last 4 Hours of Overtime ever!!

OTHER BIG NEWS. I am officially unemployed again! I quit West corp and am never going back. Bigger things in life to do~~ This is short because Husband went to get breakfast, and still hasen't returned. Hoping he walked, to explaine why he's gone so long.

Big day ahead of me today.. Cleaning cleaning.. ewww.
welll More later!! Going to see Caleb and the Parent in laws today!

Saturday, April 21


This movie was surprisingly clean. Most you see is kissing, and oh right the gross neighobors watching girly movies (just close your eyes)
Predictable, but scary. I actually screamed. Which is something normally I can clench my teeth to avoid doing.

Friday, April 20

Girls night!

I have a friend!! woot!
We are doing a girls night to see Disturbia tonight. Which I may regret but hey it's a thriller not a horror so I'm all good. I'll write a review on it later!!
Ps. the Silly girl in the pic isn't the friend.
(But she is the bestfriend who can't make it to the wedding. TAMMY I still love you!)

Saturday, April 14

Spy Girls

Now Off to the ferries, because the parents missed the 3 pm. Hopefully see Caleb :)
Update: Parents are coming over tomorrow, so we are making spaghetti supper, well I'm messing around here, and Husband is watching the sauce.
Experimental Appy, Stuff Jalapenos!
Which turned out really good!

Monday, April 2

So I am delaying bedtime. I feel half like a 6 yr old. Because I am being stubborn I hate going to bed early because I feel old. Lately no matter what time I fall asleep at I do not feel rested in the morning ever.
So some randomness for you. I am including a picture of Terrace weather compared to Victoria! Sorry poor Terraceites.

Snowy car from my yard in Terrace from last Thursday!

Castle was my hot date location on Friday in Vic!!!

Sooo I will miss this weather, but I am so anxious to come home, if I could pack and run away tomorrow I would be home. But I was sick for March.. Yes I'm allergic to marriage, erm I mean the basement suite, I mean.. *sorry hun, I really do love you* (he never reads this or else I would get owned at something :D)
Well it's 11:45 Husband went to bed an hour ago.. and I was IMing Bonnie (my one commenter!) oh and I left footprints on others blogs hoping to let them know I AM ALIVE and bloggin!!! neways.. umm yeah can't remember anything else interesting I wanted to say. CEPT OH YEAH! I AM COMING HOME< style="color: rgb(204, 102, 204);" size="4">
SPY GIRLS, CHECK YOUR EMAILS FOR A SECRET MISSION! *stay tuned to find out details that transpire :D