Saturday, April 28

Guild Wars

I am now the proud owner of all three parts of this game!!! I have a level 18 character and two level 6's. One PVP character. But she will soon be deleted..

I leveled my characters for probably like 4 hours yesterday.
Husband did the taxes :) and I worked my last 4 Hours of Overtime ever!!

OTHER BIG NEWS. I am officially unemployed again! I quit West corp and am never going back. Bigger things in life to do~~ This is short because Husband went to get breakfast, and still hasen't returned. Hoping he walked, to explaine why he's gone so long.

Big day ahead of me today.. Cleaning cleaning.. ewww.
welll More later!! Going to see Caleb and the Parent in laws today!


McRae's said...

cool for you,even though i've never heard of guild wars.Hope things are alright with your hubby.with blessings tanya

Tamara said...

I'm expecting to see you soon!