Saturday, April 14

Spy Girls

Now Off to the ferries, because the parents missed the 3 pm. Hopefully see Caleb :)
Update: Parents are coming over tomorrow, so we are making spaghetti supper, well I'm messing around here, and Husband is watching the sauce.
Experimental Appy, Stuff Jalapenos!
Which turned out really good!


joni said...

it is to my great sadness i am not a spy girl... hehe
Looks like you married a spy kinda guy too ...too cool.

Daughter of Zion said...

what is a spy girl? you two are so cute!

robin said...

spy stuff ehhhhh? *ponders*

robin said...

oh, right...

t'is robin! i lost the password to my old blogspot, so... this is my new one, and i promise to update as much as i can!