Wednesday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

Halloween party at Ms. RN's was a blast!
Thanks girls for putting so much time and effort into it!
Pictures to follow because I don't have the patience to wait for them tonight.
So many ppl had great costumes, battery died so I missed the last 4 :S

But for a special tonight I bring you The HUSBAND!
Be prepared to see faces of Husband that you may never see in person!
He was bored in the car the other day and found the camera.
(Click on the pic for a larger photo)

Probably thinking... IS SHE EVER COMING BACK?

"I'm soo funny, HaHa"

"Umm What was that?"

I have no clue what he is thinking.. (do ask him)

PS He has no idea I found these. So feel free to compliment him on his many facial expressions next time you see him!!

Saturday, October 20


I'm stuck on a merry-go-round, and the mean kids won't let me off. I tried asking nicely now I'm crying in the center while, they spin it faster and faster. Please Dear God make them STOP. My stomach is turning, Oh No I'm going to lose my lunch...

Saturday, October 13


First off Everyone look at the top of my blog! There is a banner there and it's an interesting link/idea. I've signed up to post on something to do with the Environment. So if you want more details, click on the banner. Then check back on the 15th for my post. Think Shopping bags and paper... ;)

So 2nd Item: Do you love driving brand new vehicles, need a part/full time job? Enjoy working with the public or in Customer service? Have your License? Know how to use a computer, work well with other people? (HINT HINT Tamara :D
Hertz (which is part of Ford) is looking for someone. I don't know all the details, but I can hook you up with the right people. I just don't know anyone who NEEDS a job.
Leave a comment, if you think of someone. Tell them to apply.. or come talk to me.

Number 3! Do you love candles? Want a shopping spree for free?? Or want to make extra cash?
More to come!

Must end post because the sibs are done birthday partying!

"Life dozes here: it is all like a charming dream, and one indulges in it. Yes, thus did two young newly-married persons, who also possessed all the best gifts of earth—health, good humour, riches, and
rank. " Quote from Sand-hills of Jutland By Hans Christian Anderson (Google Book Search, SOOO COOL)

Oh Yes

Creepy pic to come~
My computer hates me. I have some great photos but it won't let me upload them.
Cross your fingers.. Maybe!!

Tuesday, October 9

Patiently Waiting

I went for coffee with a friend after work, giving husband time to play. I get here, thinking maybe we can use a coupon I have for a local restaurant. Guess what?? I am still sitting here..
I need to prepare a few door prizes for my Thursday night show, and steal my sisters vacuum! She just bought a Kerby and I want to vacuum out my bed.
Next week shall be a gong show (in the words of Kari) I have 4 shows, and I might be sponsoring another woman. If not then I am doing another party on Sunday and then Friday night.
I'm excited but on the other hand I always get a little panicky right before things and think Aughh I don't want to do this. But I do it anyways and it turns out awesome!
So I'm browsing through my PartyLite site, and just looking at all the cool things I would love to decorate with. First I need to do some finishing in my room

Weight update... I keep telling myself I need to do a weigh in. But we don't have a scale. But I've been taking Dong Quai which help regulate Estrogen. Too much Estrogen can cause weight gain, and I'm wondering if thats part of my issue. So... Now if I could just take them regularly.

Christmas News!! Bonnie and The Jones are coming home! I am so excited, can't wait.

Random post is done..... Going to torture Husband, Till next time!

Wednesday, October 3

A day off!

So I am finally sitting in front of the computer, with a cup Pomegranate raspberry green tea!
My sheets are in the wash, I have orange kumquat candles burning in my favorite new holder! If I can find my camera then you all shall see it! I was all inspired to write a update, because I've been so far behind. I love reading ppls blogs and then it dawned on me,
it's because they update them!
So whats new?
  1. I had my very first PartyLite show, and it went well! It was small but everyone was very sweet and my voice lasted the whole night (I caught a nasty sore throat)
  2. I did cut my hair! It's been one week :) It's my new power look, I just wash and run. I love it, just a small readjustment to not having long hair. I realized that I do miss my longer hair but that my vanity needs to be squished :D
  3. I went on a shopping spree in PG, I love Value Village. Corbett and I both found lots of new things and only spent 160.00 between the two of us!
  4. I wish summer would come back, or I was back in Mexico. I can't believe it's been one year since I was sitting on a beach with people from all over the world, soaking up the sun.
  5. I miss all my friends who aren't in Terrace. I am so happy to be doing PartyLite because it will give me the opportunity to get to know so many more women.
  6. I had a major scare with my computer, a month and half ago I had the power supply replaced. Huge bill. GRR, but then two nights ago my computer shut down and wouldn't start up. So not impressed. Totally forgot about it yesterday until Levi called to ask if he could use it. Oh yeah.. So I told my dad and he just happened to have an extra power supply, 20 mins later my computer was up and running again!! Thank Heavens for Dads!
Well I still can't find my camera, or my sisters for that matter. I think I shall have to pause this post until I find them.

Tada The hair!!