Saturday, December 29

Christmas Photos!

Christmas Day with the Family

Gift Exchange

Abe Opening the nerf gun of his dreams

My dad with his body spray :D Make Ezra smell nice.

Aaron & Corbett making dinner!

My Lovely festive center piece with snowballs and holiday spices balls.
The Creepy Nativity Scene with lots of extra dudes. (I will have to get a better photo of the real set that my sister and I made)
The center piece I won from my staff dinner with Snowflakes around it!
We also made glue snowflakes and they where soo messy, they are drying so now photos yet.

Friday, December 28

Christmas Update

Overall it was a lovely quiet Christmas day, and then boxing day I did nothing all day. Other then beat my dad at a game of Sequence.
I was looking back at my four days off, and I didn't get any sewing done.. As much as I really had hoped to. But I have tomorrow off and Bonnie is coming to spend the night. So I'm hoping to get some girl time in. (And finally cut out the rest of the pants I need to finish.)

I bought The Husbands b-day present. But now I want to get him something that will surprise him.. (he picked out the other things) But I really don't know what to get.. Any suggestions? Cologne is out the question, I already bounced that one off of him.. It landed like a water balloon, and blew up in my face.

So I am planning on going snowboarding on new years day, and then again on Jan 16th because it's free day with a donation to the food bank!!!
I am so excited to go up, I went once last year. I miss going up all the time like my siblings are doing.

So my gym pass expires on Jan 1st, I am getting a second month because I've started to see the effects on my stomach and arms. No luck on reducing my pectorals, sadly...
I've worked my way up to 36 min's of cardio, and I want to bump that up to 45 min's.
I think the next thing on my wish list would be an elliptical machine.

Sunday, December 23

Slow to post

So this week has been one of trying to catch up on sleep. But I am still waking up very tired.
The good news is my bestfriend and husband and baby are in town. We spent this afternoon playing games. I won settlers and then was eliminate first in Risk..
So many things I wanted to post but I don't have the energy. Yesterday was the day everything went wrong... I ended up getting dressed up to play a game of starcraft and then go BP's for some late night snacking.
The good news from yesterday is that I managed to lose 2 lbs!!!! I've started doing more cardio, and man does it ever wear me out. I wanted to go to the gym to make up for lost time today. But I didn't have the energy to do it. I've been reading how many calories are in things like chocolate bars, and it's enough to stop me from eating it. Because I know how long it takes me burn off 300 calories.. Right now my fav thing is homemade foods because I have no idea how many calories are in it. So I can enjoy without guilt :D

I cant believe it is almost Christmas Eve, where did the time go?

Some days I feel like I am going to drowned in my To-Do List's. So many small ends to tie with Party-lite stuff, and things I want to do around my room.

I wish the rain would stop and turn into snow, I really want to go sledding soon.
So I'm down to 3 days off, I've promised myself I won't sleep in past 9, because I want to make the most of the days.

Well I'm off to watch House, time to catch. I love that show.

Tuesday, December 18

Things to come.

A post is bubbling in my brain.

It's about a week in coming.

I need to sit down and write it all out.

I am going through a time of self awakening (again)
I'm in the spring season,

even though it's snowy and wintery outside.

Lots to post :)

P.S. Dave
Sorry, there are no photos of curtains yet.
I forgot that they are still on my camera.
Wednesday afternoon. (hopefully)

P.P.S More random pics to come :D

Saturday, December 8

Family Photo

So I did take some photos on Wednesday but our internet hasn't been working at home.
So when that starts I will upload them.
This is our christmas card!
Ps. I've done 4 days at the gym now!! If anyone wants to go with me that would be lovely,
I usually just wander around and do whatever I feel like. But I am searching a real work-out so I can reclaim my stomach muscles, and minimize a few other areas. I worked from 10 mins of cardio to 15 yesterday, I'm happy with that. Almost 150 calories burned. I also did some bench pressing, which I love doing but had been a little intimidated to do without a spotter. I could do like 35 lbs, compared to 60-70 that I used to do like 10 years ago.. I am planning on working my way back up to that. Still the same weigh though.. Oh well.. it's not the numbers that count.

Cora Lynn Photos!

Alicia, Jewel, Trish

Daddy holding his little Girl Mommy giving kisses and cuddles.

My Beautiful niece is one month old! Caleb gave her a huge whirly pop,

and some photos with Aunties.

Monday, December 3

Day 2 at the gym.

It was easy to go to the gym, but once I was there. Alot of things I wanted to do, my body refused because it haden't recovered from the beating of yesterday. The good news I was able to do my cardio only stopping once or twice. I realized yesterday how badly out of shape I really am. Never let yourself go at least a year with out being active. There is so much to be done. I'm starting thats the first step.. Well my weigh in is 145 lbs. Yikes.. thats so scary.. that at least 15 lbs heavier then I ever want to be.. and 30 lbs over my ideal wieght. Now I realize that I might not be 115 but I can dream!

Well I must get packing up my Partylite stuff into my lovely tote that I earned!!

On a side note the Husband is kicking my butt at Scraulous on facebook.. :S Someone should add him and then give him a taste of his own medince. Ohh we had some lovely snow that included the ugly north wind, which I could've done with out personally.
On Wednesday hopefully I will have a lovely family photo to post of the Husband & I with our two huge black cats!! I am trying to send out christmas cards with a photo.. Along with thank yous to all his relatives cause he still hasen't done it.
(He says i'm the one who never finishes anything.. Right.)

I bought material for PJ pants for Husbands birthday in January, I'm going to make myself some matching ones. As soon as I make curtains for our windows though. Now just to find the time in between Ford and Partylite shows..
Byes for now.

Sunday, December 2

Going to the gym..

After telling myself I am going to the gym when I get time.. Today is the day!! I must do it... I want to burn off the pounds. I'm so tired of sitting at my desk day after day and feeling the rolls on my stomach.  
So off to Northcoast I go to buy a months pass.
That way I know that I will use it..
has been such a lazy day, we slept in and missed church.. Then I read a few chapters of my book while Husband wrote a few chapters in his book. Then we came down to get some moldings but Rona was closed. So I've sat here and enjoyed an Eggnog Mocha, and watch Reba.. That show makes me laugh oo much. Reba is such a great musician and funny lady. Now I am procrastinating.
. Till next time.