Monday, December 3

Day 2 at the gym.

It was easy to go to the gym, but once I was there. Alot of things I wanted to do, my body refused because it haden't recovered from the beating of yesterday. The good news I was able to do my cardio only stopping once or twice. I realized yesterday how badly out of shape I really am. Never let yourself go at least a year with out being active. There is so much to be done. I'm starting thats the first step.. Well my weigh in is 145 lbs. Yikes.. thats so scary.. that at least 15 lbs heavier then I ever want to be.. and 30 lbs over my ideal wieght. Now I realize that I might not be 115 but I can dream!

Well I must get packing up my Partylite stuff into my lovely tote that I earned!!

On a side note the Husband is kicking my butt at Scraulous on facebook.. :S Someone should add him and then give him a taste of his own medince. Ohh we had some lovely snow that included the ugly north wind, which I could've done with out personally.
On Wednesday hopefully I will have a lovely family photo to post of the Husband & I with our two huge black cats!! I am trying to send out christmas cards with a photo.. Along with thank yous to all his relatives cause he still hasen't done it.
(He says i'm the one who never finishes anything.. Right.)

I bought material for PJ pants for Husbands birthday in January, I'm going to make myself some matching ones. As soon as I make curtains for our windows though. Now just to find the time in between Ford and Partylite shows..
Byes for now.


Tamara said...

I jolly well enjoy that light.

CresceNet said...
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