Sunday, December 2

Going to the gym..

After telling myself I am going to the gym when I get time.. Today is the day!! I must do it... I want to burn off the pounds. I'm so tired of sitting at my desk day after day and feeling the rolls on my stomach.  
So off to Northcoast I go to buy a months pass.
That way I know that I will use it..
has been such a lazy day, we slept in and missed church.. Then I read a few chapters of my book while Husband wrote a few chapters in his book. Then we came down to get some moldings but Rona was closed. So I've sat here and enjoyed an Eggnog Mocha, and watch Reba.. That show makes me laugh oo much. Reba is such a great musician and funny lady. Now I am procrastinating.
. Till next time.

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