Monday, November 30

60 days ago I kissed my husband good bye and he departed from my life. This was a mutual choice.  I then proceed to pack up everything I had in St. John's and mail it back home (BC), after 30 days I packed up my cat and myself and we hopped on a plane.
12 hours and 3 transfers later we landed in P.G. both alive and intact. I then drove 8 hours and arrived home on Halloween. Sadly I was too tired to go out and enjoy the car rally or tricker treating. Since then I've been babysitting Birdy and knitting up a storm, hanging with my posse, sleeping, and generally wreaking havoc on my room and the laundry room.
  It hasn't all been easy or fun. Some days I wish I would've stayed in NF. Other days I really don't care about anything. The latter is the most recent feelings.

The comments are closed because this isn't a pity post, more of a "Y'all my friends (support group) I want you to know what's happening" post. Plus I really don't like discussing the details constantly and I'm afraid it makes me morose the more I think about it.
  To answer one final question we aren't divorced, just separated and focusing on ourselves right now. It's the best choice for all concerned.

Thank you guys for sticking with me here in this literary window into my personal soap opera.

Wednesday, November 25

Knitting related

Smellyann received my first ever awkward blanket and she posted a photo

Last night I went to the Wild N Wooly's meeting.. A bunch of ladies knitting at Cafenara and I came home smelling like a burnt coffee bean. It was nice to meet over ladies, we laughed a lot and I finished my second slipper which sadly looks scary compared to the first. Lots of little mistakes. Plus it's one size smaller. I am a smrt. I might start on some piggy slippers for Birdy or one the multiple babies coming. But I hate the pattern because it's very poorly written.
I just need to wash and block my baby hood and then sew it together. I'm thinking I should get a few projects knitted up and then sew them all together on one night.

I learned how to make a granny square! Bonnie taught me on Sunday while watching One Tree Hill with Tams. We have Saturday night planned for knitting (Sunday was Crocheting) and another marathon on 1TH.

The last few Saturdays have been pretty busy so the kids haven't had many more lessons yet, but Levi is progressing nicely on a orange and gray checkerboard scarf. Trish was making a washcloth and she had gotten quite a bit done. So hopefully we will be able to sit down this weekend.

Also the lovely Rudee from A Knitting Nurse is going through her stash and mailing us some needles and yarn so the kids can have their own needles. We are all very excited about this, plus it seems to inspiring her pull out all her unfinished projects :D

I made a list of things to do today, and so far Blog is the only that I've done. But then again I've only been mobile for five hours.

Wednesday, November 11

Grill Girl

Working in reverse my day:
  • Dumping water on the flint that Alicia dropped while trying to get it outside, did I mention that it was red hot and now there are black marks on the hard wood flooring?
  • My parents have this lovely, shiny new bar-b-q, and it took a good hour to cook burgers on, I got frustrated and threw them all in a frying pan. But first I had to get all geared up cook on the front porch, that included a toque, hoodie, over coat (belonging to someone else) winter boots and finger mittens.
  • I opened up my loom, (that I purchased at a local auction for $30) and after some research found out that they are worth approx. $800 dollars brand new. Also it's missing the front set of heddles, so I won't be weaving anything up in the near future. 
  • I fixed Def Jam Vendetta and played a little bit on the PS2, and then helped the kids get to the bottom of why the dance pad wasn't working anymore. Sadly to find out there isn't any actual Dance Dance Revolution games on it.
  • The night before (until midnight) we had a knitting class on my bed. Which consisted of 5 siblings and 1 neighbor girl. I told them not to come in before 10 this morning, Who was I kidding, should've been 11. They learned how to knit, after polishing off some casting on techniques. They proceed to pester for the 2 sets of needles I had later that day. I knew I had more but they where hidden in the middle of a bed frame. Tonight Levi dug them out, so they will be happy to see them in the morning. After taking stock we have a shelf and a box full of yarn, and possibly more coming in the last half of my belongings. 
  • We've been playing Balderdash in the evenings (after finding a jr & sr editions in Prince Rupert last Thursday) The first time I played, someone either picked my word or I got points. It was awesome, second time after a little FB bragging, I didn't do so hot. 
  • Today I learned my Uncle served in the Navy, so today I am remembering him, and another uncle and a grandfather who fought for our freedom. 
  • I am on super slow internet, so uploading photos and browsing is very tedious. So to say the least I've been reading everything in Google reader.
  • This post is officially over because Daxter used his kitty liter (which is in the small half finished bathroom) and I am dying.

Friday, November 6

Friday Fragments

  •  Mrs.4444
  •  Hosts this lovely day, where you can put all your random things into a post! 
  • Happy Birthday to my little Birdy! She turned 2 yesterday, and we had a doggy theme party on Wednesday, I am still waiting on photos. I will post them later. 
  • I have worked out twice and hoping to make it a third time
  • A mechanic was removing a cylinder-head from the motor of a Harley motorcycle when he spotted a well-known cardiologist in his shop. The cardiologist was there waiting for the service manager to come and take a look at his bike when the mechanic shouted across the Garage, 'Hey Doc, want to take a look at this?' The cardiologist, a bit surprised,
    walked over to where the mechanic was working on the motorcycle. The mechanic straightened up, wiped his hands on a rag and asked, 'So Doc , look at this engine. I open its heart, take the valves out, repair any damage, and then put them back in, and when I finish, it works just like new.
    So how come I make $39,675 a year and you get the really big bucks ($1,695,759) when you and I are doing basically the same work?' The cardiologist paused, smiled and leaned
    over, then whispered to the mechanic...
    "Try doing it with the engine running"
    • It's rained cats and dogs since I've arrived home, I do miss that about St.John's, we rarely ever had rain. It would mist once in a while. 

Monday, November 2


I awoke to the sound of a chain saw. Only in the boonies!
I skipped out on church and slept in, it was quite lovely after my long day. Woke up at 10:30am (Friday) Helped move Ms.M to her Mom's and they dropped me off at the airport at 2:30 am, and then I got checked in around 3:30 and boarded the plane at 5am. I slept for about two hours, and hour on each flight. I Arrived in P.G. at noon, (which was 4:30pm according to my body clock) We went for lunch and came back out and the cat wasn't in his harness. I have no idea how he got out of it, but I was starting to panick and there he was inside of my suitcase!
I let him ride in the vehicle for the last two hours and he wanted to sit on the dash, and it was quite funny.
We pulled in around 9pm and I was so tired. The kids finally got home after 10 pm, and my body was like hello!! it's 2:30am, go to bed.
I visited with two different friends from my old work, and the popped into see my little birdy.
I can't wait to go visit the new natural good store in town.