Wednesday, November 11

Grill Girl

Working in reverse my day:
  • Dumping water on the flint that Alicia dropped while trying to get it outside, did I mention that it was red hot and now there are black marks on the hard wood flooring?
  • My parents have this lovely, shiny new bar-b-q, and it took a good hour to cook burgers on, I got frustrated and threw them all in a frying pan. But first I had to get all geared up cook on the front porch, that included a toque, hoodie, over coat (belonging to someone else) winter boots and finger mittens.
  • I opened up my loom, (that I purchased at a local auction for $30) and after some research found out that they are worth approx. $800 dollars brand new. Also it's missing the front set of heddles, so I won't be weaving anything up in the near future. 
  • I fixed Def Jam Vendetta and played a little bit on the PS2, and then helped the kids get to the bottom of why the dance pad wasn't working anymore. Sadly to find out there isn't any actual Dance Dance Revolution games on it.
  • The night before (until midnight) we had a knitting class on my bed. Which consisted of 5 siblings and 1 neighbor girl. I told them not to come in before 10 this morning, Who was I kidding, should've been 11. They learned how to knit, after polishing off some casting on techniques. They proceed to pester for the 2 sets of needles I had later that day. I knew I had more but they where hidden in the middle of a bed frame. Tonight Levi dug them out, so they will be happy to see them in the morning. After taking stock we have a shelf and a box full of yarn, and possibly more coming in the last half of my belongings. 
  • We've been playing Balderdash in the evenings (after finding a jr & sr editions in Prince Rupert last Thursday) The first time I played, someone either picked my word or I got points. It was awesome, second time after a little FB bragging, I didn't do so hot. 
  • Today I learned my Uncle served in the Navy, so today I am remembering him, and another uncle and a grandfather who fought for our freedom. 
  • I am on super slow internet, so uploading photos and browsing is very tedious. So to say the least I've been reading everything in Google reader.
  • This post is officially over because Daxter used his kitty liter (which is in the small half finished bathroom) and I am dying.


Rudee said...

I have some inexpensive yarns and needles I'll never use again--all from my early days of knitting. I'm willing to ship them for you students.

Let me know if you want them! They just sit in boxes with nobody paying any attention to them.

Smellyann said...

Sounds like a busy, fun day. Yay for teaching knitting! I'd love to have a loom.

Gwen said...

A loom? No way, that is so cool. Can you get the extra parts that you need?

Rositta said...

I thought I'd visit your blog. Unfortunately I find it difficult (with old eyes) to read the light colored print. I hope your not offended...ciaos