Monday, November 30

60 days ago I kissed my husband good bye and he departed from my life. This was a mutual choice.  I then proceed to pack up everything I had in St. John's and mail it back home (BC), after 30 days I packed up my cat and myself and we hopped on a plane.
12 hours and 3 transfers later we landed in P.G. both alive and intact. I then drove 8 hours and arrived home on Halloween. Sadly I was too tired to go out and enjoy the car rally or tricker treating. Since then I've been babysitting Birdy and knitting up a storm, hanging with my posse, sleeping, and generally wreaking havoc on my room and the laundry room.
  It hasn't all been easy or fun. Some days I wish I would've stayed in NF. Other days I really don't care about anything. The latter is the most recent feelings.

The comments are closed because this isn't a pity post, more of a "Y'all my friends (support group) I want you to know what's happening" post. Plus I really don't like discussing the details constantly and I'm afraid it makes me morose the more I think about it.
  To answer one final question we aren't divorced, just separated and focusing on ourselves right now. It's the best choice for all concerned.

Thank you guys for sticking with me here in this literary window into my personal soap opera.

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