Friday, November 6

Friday Fragments

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  • Happy Birthday to my little Birdy! She turned 2 yesterday, and we had a doggy theme party on Wednesday, I am still waiting on photos. I will post them later. 
  • I have worked out twice and hoping to make it a third time
  • A mechanic was removing a cylinder-head from the motor of a Harley motorcycle when he spotted a well-known cardiologist in his shop. The cardiologist was there waiting for the service manager to come and take a look at his bike when the mechanic shouted across the Garage, 'Hey Doc, want to take a look at this?' The cardiologist, a bit surprised,
    walked over to where the mechanic was working on the motorcycle. The mechanic straightened up, wiped his hands on a rag and asked, 'So Doc , look at this engine. I open its heart, take the valves out, repair any damage, and then put them back in, and when I finish, it works just like new.
    So how come I make $39,675 a year and you get the really big bucks ($1,695,759) when you and I are doing basically the same work?' The cardiologist paused, smiled and leaned
    over, then whispered to the mechanic...
    "Try doing it with the engine running"
    • It's rained cats and dogs since I've arrived home, I do miss that about St.John's, we rarely ever had rain. It would mist once in a while. 


Kara @ His, Hers and Ours said...

Awww! Happy 2nd B-day to little Birdy!! I'll be looking for the pics!

And that joke is too funny!! Thanks for the laugh!

Happy Friday!!

Mrs4444 said...

That joke is awesome. It's actually believable, too :)

Good luck on the continued exercise! :)