Thursday, September 24

Swinging in the park

Yesterday while trying to do a 2 person run on the Wii with Ms. M, Bad boots announced he wanted to go to the PARK. We went two nights ago and had a blast until older kids came along and took over the equipment.
 So after completing my ten mins on Super Hula hoop, We gathered the necessity's and started walking, it was +20 out, but extremely windy.
  As I pushed the stroller up the hills, my calves started to complain, and I veto the idea of going further up the hill to find the other park.
  We had the entire playground to ourselves for a good 30 mins, and then an adorable little girl with her grandparents came to swing with us.  After they left at least 6 kids showed up, and poor little Bad boots was feeling pretty shy, so we went for a walk around the field.  Finally after wearing himself out and a little bribing we walked to the library, where he fell asleep as I was browsing for books.
 I was sad not to be able to find The last song by Nicholas Sparks, so I am going to have to request it online.

I am waiting for a phone call right now, to confirm that I am going back to work on Saturday, Finally!

Thursday, September 17

Fantasy Survivor
Go check it out!

Sad faces

 I walked to the post office today hoping to pick up my swap pack from CMHS, but it was my package being returned to me because it was unclaimed :(
 The post office worker thought I was a little dense and felt the need to explain since my address was in the upper left hand corner it's the return address. I was standing there thinking. WELL DUH. I put it there just in case this happened. 

In other frustrating news, I may not be returning to work for another two weeks. I think I may just go stir crazy. I have very mixed emotions about going back to work. 

The only upside is that's sunny out and Survivor starts tonight!

Photo: Sad Little Birdy -My Niece about 10 months old I think

Monday, September 14

Sunday, September 13

Boredom will kill me.

I had a 5 hour nap and now I am ready to do something. ANYTHING. But everyone else is watching movies or playing world of warcraft. Right now I wish I could travel by speed of light, and drop in at Eric's house and play star craft for hours with Adam & Ben and him. Just like we used. I miss those guys so much.
Photos from 04-05
  1. Chase, Adam, Me
  2. Adam, Me, Shelly,
  3. Ben
  4. Tim
  5. Eric
  6. Ben at Mr.Mikes
  7. Me & Jewel (my baby sister, who I miss too)

Thursday, September 10

24 hours

  1.  Woke up at 10 am
  2. Showered
  3. Ate breakfast
  4. Went grocery shopping (and Christmas planning shopping)
  5. Came home, felt whiny and tired *from past all nighter
  6. Put grocerices away
  7. Thought about making cream puffs
  8. Watched TV for 20 mins
  9. Decided to nap, because you burn more calories sleeping then watching t.v.
  10. "napped" for at least 3 hours
  11. Realized I didn't have time to make cream puffs for home group
  12. Talked to MIL
  13. Packed sponge cakes, cream, frozen berries
  14. toddled down to work, picked up Mr.Darcy
  15. Went to the first small group of the season
  16. Was told my impromptu dessert was yummy!
  17. Deposited cheque and meandered home.
  18. Called my sis 
  19. Got angry at myself/computer/walmart's photo website
  20. Realized they are running off of PST not Newfie time
  21. Played Uno
  22. Uploaded 200 photos to print
  23. Edited/cropped down to 105 photos 
  24. Submitted my order at 4:25am (got it for 10 dollars rather then 20)
  25. Ordered some $9 tshirts from
  26.  Realized it's 5 am might as well stay up now. 
  27. Uploaded random videos and photos to facebook 
  28. Downloaded a new audio book :  Inside the Kingdom :My Life in Saudi Arabia BY Carmen Bin Laden
Now I am going to, get more water, take a shower, talk to Ms.M about her birthday cake for today, figure out a birthday gift that costs me no cash, and have a long nap... and hopefully not stay up over night again.

1.the day I left for a trip that would change my life
2. on my honeymoon
3. The lovely castle that is the office in XMen...

Tuesday, September 8

Sending out some linky love

I am dead beat tired, listening to some Friends in low places by Garth Brooks, flying down the interweb, running into cool offers and such, so I am going to share them with you!

Back to labouring

*1- Posing before having her tooth removed the next day.
*2 - Look Mommy there is so many rocks to toss in the river.
*3- Walking Tux, her favorite puppy.
*4-Happy little family - My sister and her adorable family.
*5-Overlooking the Skeena River and the longest one way bridge in (Canada) I think.