Thursday, September 24

Swinging in the park

Yesterday while trying to do a 2 person run on the Wii with Ms. M, Bad boots announced he wanted to go to the PARK. We went two nights ago and had a blast until older kids came along and took over the equipment.
 So after completing my ten mins on Super Hula hoop, We gathered the necessity's and started walking, it was +20 out, but extremely windy.
  As I pushed the stroller up the hills, my calves started to complain, and I veto the idea of going further up the hill to find the other park.
  We had the entire playground to ourselves for a good 30 mins, and then an adorable little girl with her grandparents came to swing with us.  After they left at least 6 kids showed up, and poor little Bad boots was feeling pretty shy, so we went for a walk around the field.  Finally after wearing himself out and a little bribing we walked to the library, where he fell asleep as I was browsing for books.
 I was sad not to be able to find The last song by Nicholas Sparks, so I am going to have to request it online.

I am waiting for a phone call right now, to confirm that I am going back to work on Saturday, Finally!

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