Thursday, September 10

24 hours

  1.  Woke up at 10 am
  2. Showered
  3. Ate breakfast
  4. Went grocery shopping (and Christmas planning shopping)
  5. Came home, felt whiny and tired *from past all nighter
  6. Put grocerices away
  7. Thought about making cream puffs
  8. Watched TV for 20 mins
  9. Decided to nap, because you burn more calories sleeping then watching t.v.
  10. "napped" for at least 3 hours
  11. Realized I didn't have time to make cream puffs for home group
  12. Talked to MIL
  13. Packed sponge cakes, cream, frozen berries
  14. toddled down to work, picked up Mr.Darcy
  15. Went to the first small group of the season
  16. Was told my impromptu dessert was yummy!
  17. Deposited cheque and meandered home.
  18. Called my sis 
  19. Got angry at myself/computer/walmart's photo website
  20. Realized they are running off of PST not Newfie time
  21. Played Uno
  22. Uploaded 200 photos to print
  23. Edited/cropped down to 105 photos 
  24. Submitted my order at 4:25am (got it for 10 dollars rather then 20)
  25. Ordered some $9 tshirts from
  26.  Realized it's 5 am might as well stay up now. 
  27. Uploaded random videos and photos to facebook 
  28. Downloaded a new audio book :  Inside the Kingdom :My Life in Saudi Arabia BY Carmen Bin Laden
Now I am going to, get more water, take a shower, talk to Ms.M about her birthday cake for today, figure out a birthday gift that costs me no cash, and have a long nap... and hopefully not stay up over night again.

1.the day I left for a trip that would change my life
2. on my honeymoon
3. The lovely castle that is the office in XMen...

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Rudee said...

Cream puffs...mmmm.

I love your honeymoon photo!