Monday, June 28

Happy 26th!

Yesterday was my sisters 26th birthday! She went fishing so I couldn't talk to her in person. But I thought about her during the day, we had a lot of good times. One of the most memorable is when we spent her 14th birthday walking through a grave yard someone around Cache Creek  (at 6 am) so creepy. Then we went to "Hell's Gate", highly recommend pit stop on the way to Vancouver.

She is a great mother and an amazing example of a loving wife. We have been worst of enemies and now we are the best of friends :)

Later this week: My Sunday Experience and Fashion Show

Friday, June 25

Bit the dust

Starting my second day on vacay in lovely New West Min, and my bro needed a piggy back to the car (stairs + wheelchair = disaster) so he is giving me hard time and swaying back and forth and I'm joking about throwing him in the hedges, so he stops, but I was counter balancing myself. So we fell. Hard, but seeing as I'm the nice big sister, he didn't get hurt and I ended up with a sore wrist and ripped capri and bloody knee. Gotta love brothers :P
In other exciting news, my poor cars' back tire is seized.. Thinking it's the park brake.. So not good. So I started banging on it and realized maybe I should do a little research first. Good thing because I was trying to take off something important of course.
So I've decided to go shopping at Body shop to cheer myself up. (if you live close to one check out the sale!)
Below are some pics from the trip down here.

Aaron lives in this cool castle like house and has a secret garden mess going on so I'm thinking I do some hedge trimming and get my hands dirty, should be fun. I'll take some before and after pics, he has tons of great flowers growing everywhere!

Tuesday, June 22

I took the leap

Remember this post from 02/15/09 or this one from 01/30/2010, it's been on my mind for a while!

Last night a great friend and my sister sat me down and four hours later, my head looks like Medusa :)

If I would've used my sisters new shampoo and conditioner earlier, I may have put it off. Because my hair was amazingly flat and smooth after blow drying it. (the stuff is from Big Sexy Hair)

So I haven't gone down stairs and showed the rest of the family yet. (I actually kinda blocked them from getting a preview on fb, too. Because I want my in laws to be surprised!)