Sunday, February 15

To cut/dye/dread?

 I started this little post at work, and emailed myself, but it magiclly got lost along the way.
  Good game self.
I want to start doing Angelina Jolie style dreads.

But I'm scared. I'm don't want to ruin my hair. I loved my hair extensions. The husband said I'm not ready if I am concerned about looking ugly. I might have asked him if he would still think I as pretty if shaved my head after the dreads.
   What's a girl to do.
My roots are so light right now look almost white, I like my dark hair, but the upkeep of dying it, is way to expensive. (or should I say, I am saving for a new computer)
  My ends are sticking together, and I need a trim. But my hair dresser is back in Terrace.
All the styles I've tried.

So check out the past hair... and leave me a comment.. I need some advice.


Clover said...

i am definately biased... i love dreddies. but they are not for everyone... but if you are feeling the "call" ;)

when i cut my dreads off, i coulda had hair about an inch long... i shaved for other reasons, so losing the dreads does NOT = bald.

but i have to say, hubby is right that you are prolly not ready if you are worried about how you'll look *or* what people will think... it takes some mental/spiritual/emotional preparation... #1 a person needs to be sure of their style choice and carry it out with confidence... then no matter what it *will* look BEAUTIFUL... #2 people get very stinkin' opinionated over *your* hair, lol, and you have to be ready to hear peoples unasked-for questions.... it really is an anti-style, in that sense (so is being bald/buzzed!)... so, all that said, there is really a spiritual adventure in all of it ~ being grounded in who you are in Christ and how He sees you and loves your creativity and expression and has no desire to squelch it.....

anyways, some random blabbing from me.... gee, i wish, if you ever decide to get dreads, i could do them for you... *sniffs* aren't i weird?! lol ...they really are an amazing (and yes, sometimes challenging) adventure.... i always wish i can be a part of that for someone else! :P

Gwen said...

Personally, I have to vote against dreads. They would be beyond disastrous at, say, a job interview or a posh restaurant. I think a girl's got to be versatile in this big world.

re: all your pics -- you're so cute and pretty! :)

Clover said...

*giggles* i have to respectfully disagree, gwen... dreads can be neat and styled and do not necessarily = disheveled. i would have worn my dreads to a job interview, and definately no problem to a posh restaurant... again, it's a confident bearing that makes all the difference. i would be more worried about my lack of stylin' clothes in both those situations than my dreads! lol....

anyways, /endcommenthijack... as you were. :)

but its a good thing none of US have to agree on darci's hair... that's totally up to you, hun, in what you choose!!! you'll look beautiful in anything you go with! :)

Tamara said...

You've been wanting to try dreads for a long time, haven't you? Do it..and put some fun little beads in there or something :)