Saturday, February 9

Hair Through The ages


Bonzai said...

My favourite would be the wavy blonde one. The one with you and Penny. But overall I think I like the blonde best.

joni said...

oye that is a lot of hair styles .. Good at you! i have had the same style since grade 8... sad but true.

i love that you have given yourself so many options...
The streaks pic too cool...i think i like that one best, but really now.. they are all beautiful.

ok favorite one is the picture with your mom and sis. (frame time)

Benjamin said...

Pictures 1, 2 and 4: Wow do you two look alike!

Picture 5: You look like a member of the royal family! What occasion was this?

Picture 9: Since I can see from the perfect reflection in your glasses that you were using a cell phone for that, WOW that's a good picture for a cell phone. Also I think this one gets my vote for the best hair style, but that's because I fear change :P Some of your more exotic looks definitely work for you.