Thursday, February 7


So Broken..

Watching the pieces of my heart fall to

the floor and smash into little shards.

Why did you? Why did I?

Shocked, frozen, melting down.

Numbness spreading. Anger trying to take over.

Realizing nope.

That's only hurt. Not burying it.. Let it happen.

Must Grow, or wilt.

Not going backwards this time or ever again.

Fighting for what I want.

Believing my God is bigger then my fears.

Plan B?

Whoops out the window.

Wasn't right anyways.

Hanging by the threads called family.

I will Survive.

But I want you by my side.

Now and forever.

Please return my love to me.

Safe and sound in your perfect timing.

Written by me


Tamara said...

Did you write that??

DaRcI said...

Yes I did. :)

Benjamin said...

For so much chaos, you articulated that surprisingly well. Had I said the same thing, every sentence would have been a paragragh, and yet with no more clarity or emotion.