Friday, February 1

Started but never finished.

I have a post but I forgot to send it to blogger so it's trapped until tomorrow.

Until then...

Tonight around the dinner table the talk turned to Text to Speech readers. My dad like to use them because he would rather listen to a mechanical voice then read it himself. Being a bookworm it used to drive me crazy. Lately husband has been driving me crazy reciting a dramatic reading of a horrible break up letter. (it's on youtube it if you must hear it. But it does have foul language, so i won't link it.)
So I decided to write my own story and have a voice reader play it.

Which I did!

We had a good laugh, I am sure it won't be quite as funny for everyone. But I am posting the "story" and the link to dl the voice reader. (super small file and fun to play with)
THE STORY "frick man, don't touch that button. Man says to dude, But why??? Dude replies, IT WILL SHUT DOWN THE WIRLD. Man thinks about this......." (to be continued) bad grammar and sp is intentional here

Free Voice reader

Wow!! Interesting time consuming websites you can find with Google!
IE, just click your reasons and it generates your email. So lazy and sad.

I just found again. I love this site.. ( so silly but great)

I think this whole post may have been inspired by the dinner convo and Mrs. Wilson's post on poor grammar :D

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Benjamin said...

Ha ha, so I tried generating a message with the option to stay friends after, but I'm thinking it didn't really care :P You usually don't call your potential friends douchebags, far as I know! Still, very cool. This could come in handy some day :P