Wednesday, February 27

Walls, Walls and more walls.


Alrighty! I have photos. Proceed with caution into the diaster area I live in.
The Window that may someday be a door!

The First Stage

My dad finishing up the tall screws I couldn't reach.

Finished product for now.. Anyone interested in attending a room warming party in a few months???


Gwen said...

Oh, LOVE the hair. Great job!

joni said...

you are amazing... walls?? wtg!! i suppose growing up a brousseau i should expect nothing less.

your hair!!! its sooo nice, did Aaron do it for you? great colours and snips, you truly can pull anything off. looks awesome.

DaRcI said...

I can't take the credit for actually building that walls cause my dad did them but I assisted. Aaron did the dye job and Renee cut my hair yesterday.. I am thinking a few blond streaks in the top later.

Tamara said...

I LOVE your looks absolutely fahhhbulous! And heck yes I'm totally there for the room warming party!

Jenny said...

Your hair looks wonderful!! I love seeing before and after pics of renos! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Benjamin said...

If it's anywhere in July or August, I will most definitely attend your party.

And if it's not, you'll just have to throw another party so I can be there! :P