Saturday, February 2

Monolouges that won't stop.

My Brain is stewing with lots of random thoughts.

I've started thinking in blog posts :S

"oh this would be great."
"I totally should blog about this."

My mom and I where cracking up in the kitchen one day about an underwear mishap/swap and I had tears rolling down my face when I told her "I totally should blog about this" But then she made me promise not too. So sorry I can't share it but it probably wouldn't be as funny the second time around.

So number one today is:
  • I've been listening to CBC radio in the car on my commute to work. It has so many interesting topics. I find myself having running monologues in my head about the world issues of today. Like the unrest in Africa, and what kind of carbon footprints did I leave behind by buying those 3.99 hothouse tulips.
(I know this probably doesn't make any sense, but thats what happens when I really don't have a good friend in town to have the verbal exchange I've seem to come to enjoy so much.)
  • #2 I have totally re-evolved (is that a word?) back to being super analytic. This is stemming from my husbands influence. He is always challenging my thinking or mostly lack there of. It's so easy for me to be carefree and careless. Not watching what i say or taking responsibility for my words and actions. So I am desperately trying to change this.
Thats all for today folks.. More to come if you like!!

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Benjamin said...

Wow, I can definitely relate to this one. Well, not the underwear mishap part (do tell!) but I definitely have the thinking-in-blogs attitude, and I don't even maintain a blog. It's usually just "that would make a good Facebook status" or an MSN comment or something. If it's really big I'll write Facebook note. You could call it a blog, but... I wouldn't :P

Also, if you really want world events, go with the BBC. The CBC is my second choice. As my brother pointed out, the British used to control a quarter of the planet, so they've got some real interest in keeping tabs on things, and a huge government sponsorship to do it.

Also, as much as I *do* care about the environment, ten years from now I think "carbon footprints" and "being green" will be the two biggest stereotype phrases of the second half of the decade.

As for being analytic, well, I always have been, and always will tear myself apart analyzing the smallest thing no one else meant anything by or cares about :P