Friday, May 30

Beauty in my ashes


Fire is a reality check

and out of the ashes,

new life must come

through sorrows and tears joy will come.

Weeping will become dancing

A end always mean a new beginning,

If you love the Lord and are

called to his purposes.

May 14 (a long time ago)

Monday, May 26

Old Poem + New Day = still applies.

*When the bottom drops out.*

Blue hair, White faced,
Trembling before you on my knees.
Asking you to break my chains, and set me free.
Nothing left to lose, everything to gain.
Only in you will I have true peace.
The masks and cloaks hit the ground,
There I am laying naked and exposed,
All my faults for the world to see,
In this place of brokenness,
I am finally mold able, changeable.
God, scrap up the pieces of me,
Recreate me into a beautiful jar of glass,
that you can shine through.
No long will it be my filth that everyone sees.
You are the potter and I am the clay.
I am the gold,
You are the refining fire.
Darci Brousseau
June 29/03

Thursday, May 22

Not Dr Evil,

Soo much to write about. These will be purging posts, some may never be published, but this way I can get it all out and have recorded. The miracles of God have to be written down!
Satan has taken all the good things that God has created and twisted them to bad.

  • Food
  • Music
  • Art
  • Love
Anyone think of anything else? Do I need to expound on this? I posted earlier about slow food. After reading French women don't get fat, and Gluten-Free Girl, I know I can stay slim and trim for the rest of my life. Because I don't live to eat, I eat to live. I enjoy eating but I am realizing I can also enjoy cooking. (I hate it now) Read the books, catch the wave(wasn't that a skittles jingle?)

Wednesday, May 21

Gwen's Party

The results are in: $109.00 raised to bring the babies home from Africa! (They may not be 0-12 months, but young children. Aka Babies in my mind) PS you can personally help make this number get bigger, and be able to treat yourself to some candles. I'm offering combined/free shipping.. So come on people! Let's save some children.

Tonight I was able to share my dream of visiting my sponsor child. He will be 8 this year, and he's been mine for 3 yrs now. I want to go visit him. I want to sponsor a few more children. I have no idea how many. I want them to be orphan's so that I can feel that I am adopting them in more ways then one. I am building my family here on earth so we can all hang in heaven. and I want to them all to be Black. :D This obsession dream of mine, started way back.. When I was a child with a doll that I got by mailing in things off the cereal boxes (I think) and she was black. Then she lost an arm, don't know how. But I loved her. I want my own baby girl.

PS the creepy pic will only be there till I get off my bum and go get the one I wanted to put there. More to come on my boy when I find his info.

LogoThere are


people with my name

in the U.S.A.
How many have your name?

When should you die?

Ps I should live forever!!

Tuesday, May 20

New and Excting

In my bathroom:
  • Lino
  • Electrical boxes that are wired
  • A window
Upstairs Family Bathroom:
  • New Sink
  • New Tap
  • New counter top
  • New Paint(hopefully unless I steal it and repaint my green)
Missing from my room:
  1. Pool table (Praise the Lord) (it's only been a year)
  2. Boxes for MCC (Woot)
  3. things I haven't noticed are missing because it's always a freaking disaster area.
(photos to come sometime)
Not Missing:
  • All the tools for the project
  • Dirty laundry
  • Clutter/paper
  • Bed and box spring
  • Partylite Product (I am going to clear a corner in the parents attic soon or have a sale)
Changes in my life:
  1. Renewed Trust/Faith/Hope
  2. Forgiveness. Realization that all sin is equal.
  3. God showing up in a huge way
  4. Knowing I am not a 2nd rate citizen
  5. Expecting God to do bigger and better miracles
  6. Possible 5 day Escape
  7. New 2 day mandatory work week.
  8. Online school (Herbs for Health)
  9. Giant break from teaching Jr Youth
  10. Honesty all around but sugar coated in His Love and Grace.
  11. Healing for my back pain/soreness
  12. Find my direction in Natural Health.
  13. Striving to be in his rest.
  14. Loving the direction our home group is taking!
  15. Freedom to Or stand up and testify or sit down, and shut-up.
  16. Decided to get a tattoo ( You can't promise yourself something then back out)
  17. Desire to go to Africa, to an Orphanage and also visit my World Vision Child.
  18. Motto of the week: "be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." Ref: Matt 10:16b
All of these things will eventually evolved into blog posts, someday. If you believe in Miracles, and if anything pique your attention, comment on it and I shall start writing about now. (so I can auto post later)

Tonight I felt like an ADD child with Restless Leg Syndrome, plus Hyper-activity. Until I realized it was past midnight, I was hungry, still wearing my grease stained jeans. (fully dressed from biking with Jr Youth still) That I had sat at computer and not removed the dust and dirt from my room, or organize myself for Gwen's Fundraiser tomorrow night.
How do I solve this? Grabbing a handful of chocolate chips, getting my tote bag upstairs (Sorry mom that it sat in your entrance for a week) Putting comfy clothes on and wrapping up in a blanket. Phew just felt the tension release. It was amazing.

Alright, now that it's 5 AM, and I have to go to the dentist tomorrow.. (Boo, but YEA) and then take a nap, and then pack everything to do a Partylite fundraiser.

Saturday, May 17

Random thoughts

Things I Learned at work:

1. Split oil is much harder to clean up then coffee.
2. Men will complain to the boss rather then ask the person with the answer.
3. Tears work wonders, so does unspoken attitude.
4. Starting a job and looking helpless gets the job done much faster then asking for help. (Just ask me about getting my tires M&B in 20 minutes flat, by three men!)
5. Men do not know when to stop and say sorry.

I am sure this list will get longer and I will add to it..

Slow Food.. Ever thought about it? I am reading the Gluten free Girl (Book) right now, I love it. Love it. Makes me want to cook. Anyone want to do dinner? I shall post a review later. And she blogs. What can get better then that!

And if your sense of humor is anything like mine. You will start giggling and move to full out laughing at this man's sense of humor.

Doc Walker

(Eventually I may upload some videos)
Soooo Awesome.

It took me a while to stop relating every song to a person in my life, then I was able to enjoy the music.

I didn't dance even though I was itching to.. I moved a lot in my seat. I had planned to take Alicia, but she had a scout camp. So Trish and I had a date and it was great, poor thing was quite tired through right at the beginning (That will teach her to have un planned sleep overs)

I should've been tired because I woke up at 5:45 am.

My favorite songs:

Forgive Me
The show is free

We bought the cd of the Marion Weston who opened the show. She was also lots of fun.

They even played encore of two songs, I was dissapointed that they didn't come out and sign autographs, but maybe I didn't hang out long enough.

Trish and I went to Denny's for a snack, and ran into some friends from the church.
We had a great time laughing with them and talking about the show.
How speical is it when two totally different generations can just hang out and have fun.

Sorry for the lack of post's again. Readjusting to part time work has been a lot harder then I expected. But I have this cool post rolling around in my head. Something along the lines of "Soundtrack to my life"
Stay Tuned!

Miss A.... (#8)

This was supposed to post almost a week ago. Opps
I am much to lazy to put these in the correct order.

Alicia is creepily smiling down at Bonnie!
This one was taken on a midnight walk with siblings and friends..
I love the way she is so carefree looking and happy.
Alicia Miriam(#8). When my mom was preggers, we (being the other 7) Had been reading about how Miriam lead the women in dancing in the bible, and I remember us asking my mom if we could name the baby Miriam if it was a girl
(Oh yes, Random Fact: My dad named the boys, my mom the girls. When my dad dad picked the 2nd boys name there was such an uproar, he would never ever share the name. Not even with my mom. It was always an old testament name. Whatever God would bring him)

So I remember my mom saying something about it meaning bitterness, or that she wasn't the greatest example of a Godly woman, so why don't we compromise with Alicia first and then Miriam. At 12 I was more then satisfied. (for the record her name means (Miryam). The meaning is not known for certain, but there are several theories including "sea of bitterness", "rebelliousness", and "wished for child" OR Miriam - A biblical name meaning bitter) I prefer the first website much more. Moving on :)
Both of these photos are from school. When I came home last May she being a tyrant. Now that she has passed the stage of Miss Bossy, I think life is a little easier for the younger ones.
The girls love to dress up. All of the dress they are wearing are MINE. Someday I will wreak havoc in their wardrobes.. Well I already can steal Meleah's clothes :D

We are going to the Doc Walker show next week together as her super early birthday present!

My mom has passed down her love of horses
Girls night. With the boys :D
Alicia has always been a little entrepreneur. She always knows how to make a buck, or bribe one of us to pay her to do something :D

Sunday, May 11

Thank God for Mommies.

I felt bad this morning, trying desperately to think of something for Mother's Day..
I had an idea and it fell through.
I made all the kids fill out coupon's for mom, some put a few things. She received a day away from Alicia, and 5 hours of work from Aaron, Caleb is taking her to dinner and a movie in PR, and half price foot rubs (which is better then running over her toes, like he wanted to put on it) Levi is going to personally silence the children (mom wanted to know if he had a supply of Ether) and clean the laundry room. Ezra is making cookies of her cookie (which has been expanded to a batch every day this month) Beth is going to make breakfast but mom needs to wake her up first. Abe is going to make her bed for 10 days. I know I am missing a few. I am going to do some gardening.

How much would mom make in a year?

I started filling the sink to wash dishes, and found the biggest spider. I shrieked and then took photos. Finally getting it in a cup, I put myself out of misery and squashed it.

Now between popcorn and blog reading I am almost finished the dishes...
Happy Mothers Day

Wednesday, May 7


Spring Flowers at the Library....
And some bushes
My walking friend from Parts at work, Marc

I stole this off of Crunchy Green Lovin Mom's Blog

It's a fun giveaway!!
(I am thinking maybe I will giveaway a sibling)
Just Kidding!

Here are the rules:
1. Leave a comment on my blog that says you want to play. The first three folks to comment will get a gift from ME. (I'll send you an e-mail to get your address so I can send it out!)

2. Do the same thing on your blog! The first three commenters who commit to doing this on their blog, too, will get a surprise from YOU at a surprise time in the next 365 days!

Tuesday, May 6

Let me off

It's been an emotional roller coaster of a week.

I am too tired to blog about it.

I think I need to start taking iron. My legs are covered in bruises..

Please pray for Hope and Strength.

Sunday, May 4

By Request.

Moriah asked me for a Lululemon wish list.. A week later here it is.
This is the Ryder bikini top.(the only thing I probably need. Everything else I just want.)
Purify Pant.. these look so comfy.
Groovin Crop (in the Kiss color)
Pro active Jacket. ( LOVE It)

Theater L/S Sweater..

The Persist Jacket!