Thursday, June 21

Wakeboarding and troublemaking

So we did go wake boarding yesterday at Pine Lake, and a great time was had by all.
I wiped out really hard while cutting in and out of the wake. I managed to catch some air and knock the board off, bruised my heel and land on my right side so hard.

Shelly tried and she almost managed to get up. I am hoping they will take her out again, because she was so close.

We rushed home for the baby shower, which was a small sucess.
On the walk home there was swarms of misquitos, crazy lots.
After that we found Kelmen's truck and took Post it notes and covered his windows.
All photos are on facebook, since I can't make them upload.
Tonight we are heading out to Ang's Ball game, we made signs. One say's Catch those balls. Other says Ang, Hit those balls :)
Well we are off to eat some taco salad.

Wednesday, June 20


So whats with this :) I start posting more regularly,
even with pictures and no one leaves comments. Tsk, Tsk.

Last night I went to Frogs Gap with Ang, Rachelle,
and some guys from Ang's ball team and we had a lovely little fire.
We watched the fireflies (one or two) float around.
I haven't seen any since Mexico, so that was neat.
About 1:30 the wind picked up and it nearly froze us.
It was a warm wind but the heat from our fire nearly dissolved.
We finally packed it up an hour later and then I was so cold it was hard to fall asleep.

Yesterday I went on a baking spree and made Strawberry Truffles
and Peanut Butter Chocolate Squares for Kari's shower tonight!
Both turned out great, then I promptly burnt my breakfast this morning.

I might get to go wake boarding today!!! I am very curious
as to where you wake board around Three Hills.

Well I'm off to shower out the campfire smell.

Saturday, June 16

rainy nights

So I sit here so tired, thinking of how I keep meaning to write this post.

Today I wandered around town and picked up some capsules of Oregano Oil, so that I can keep my immune system up.
While walking with Rachelle, we seen Mr. Marshall (Bobbie's dad) He gave us directions to his house.
After dropping off my jacket because it was quite humid, I walked over to the Marshalls, and forgot to take my camera.

I visited for a couple hours had a great chat, yummy food, and even fixed a computer. (Honestly I just looked at it and it was so scared it started working)
The computer runs in Linux and it was slow, I think it needs some more RAM.
It was about 10 when I finally made it home, and now after chatting with my
husband, folding baby clothes, and taking some pics of Amariah I want to start my movie. But I don't think I could stay awake long enough.
Tomorrow there is a baby dedication and we are going to church and Amariah will be dedicated. I might even get to go wakeboarding!!!
Happy Fathers Day to all you Dad's out there!

Now I shall post some pics of Amariah for you all!

A few hours old.

Tonight, all dressed up.

Friday, June 15

Welcome to the world Amariah Leland Jones

Flight into Calgary was good. Robin was there to greet me!! Was totally awesome,
we hung out the next morning and watched Wayne's World.
Then I caught the bus to the airport to meet Rachel and Rachelle. We went to wal-mart to find a waffle maker but couldn't find one. So then I try to use the automatic checkout, What a joke. I think the lady had to come 3 times to put her code in, and let me keep going.
It's an entertaining idea though.

I arrived in Three Hills on Wednesday evening and we celebrated Rachelle's birthday!
Everyone was crossing their fingers for the baby to come, but nothing at all.

On Thursday Kari went to the hospital to be induced because she was 9 days overdue. After doing that procedure, she starting having contractions. After a few hours of being monitored and walking the hallways, they let her go home because she wasn't dilated at 5pm. Her friend Erin is a midwife and they had wanted to have a home birth. But had changed their mind so Erin was there as a labor coach. (Ang & I where making supper at the time) So we all came back to the house and contractions became harder and harder. So Ang decided that we should make a pie, and while she did that. Kari kept laboring with Erin & Patrick trading off to eat. At 8pm Pat came out and did a little jig, and said "Kari's water broke"!!
Then a moments later Kari came out in her house coat with Pat following her asking "Love, Where are you going" Kari said "to the Hospital" Then she had contraction hit her, and she fell back into his arms.
Erin came out and said "Kari let me check how far a long you are" (She hadn't checked yet because Kari was in to much pain and didn't want anyone poking at her) Erin then says "His head is here, we aren't going anywhere, unless you want to have this baby in the car"
Bedroom or bathroom?? Kari choose the bathroom, and the head started showing, Erin called for someone to help put a glove on. So I went and was able to help get the glove on. Kari said ohh here comes another contraction, Erin said I'm supporting the head and his hand is coming out with it. Then Woosh Amariah was here! So fast, and Erin gave him to Kari to hold. It was amazing to watch, and get splattered by the liquids that came flying out. He was born at 8:27pm.

He weighs 8 lbs and is 23 inches long, with healthy appetite.
Please pray that Kari is able to rest and get the needed sleep, she is running on overdrive right now, she is so excited.

Patrick has photos on facebook, but you will have to add him to see them.

Tuesday, June 12

Off to Alberta

So I am supposed to be packing, Well thats not true.
I should have packed today but took a nap instead. The wedding reception is over, and I am exaghusted, Still.
I've never been under that much stress. I woke up one night and almost went to ER because I thought I was having a heart attack. Yeah well that east indian food at Tamara's party didn't sit well it was heart burn... Poor Corbett, I scared him and myself. I woke up dreaming that I was swallowing sticks and stones.. It was the most painful thing ever.
My body also reacts by giving me itchy spots.. only on my joints. Anyone else ever get this? I thought it was the water in Victoria, then maybe stress. Well it's probably still stress :)

So I am flying out to be with Kari and her new baby that we are all still waiting for. I told her to hold it in until Wednesday because I am going to spend the day with Dasha, the darling who is going to pick me up at the airport! Then I shall ride back with "Mackenzie" to the 3 hills!! I plan to take as many photos as possible. Specially of my obsession THE WATER TOWER :D someday I shall explain that. This will be my third time going to visit Kari in now where land, I love three hills it's so cute.

My aunt & cousin & grandma all flew up for the wedding, I am so blessed that they would come spend the weekend with us. We've had so much fun, even though I felt like I was sleeping most of the time. They went on a picnic today out in Rosswood.

Oh I cut my hair!!! I took a few pics, but don't know where they are saved too ;D so you shall see it after I take some photos with Kari. It's mature and cute, and short!!
Till next time!