Friday, June 15

Welcome to the world Amariah Leland Jones

Flight into Calgary was good. Robin was there to greet me!! Was totally awesome,
we hung out the next morning and watched Wayne's World.
Then I caught the bus to the airport to meet Rachel and Rachelle. We went to wal-mart to find a waffle maker but couldn't find one. So then I try to use the automatic checkout, What a joke. I think the lady had to come 3 times to put her code in, and let me keep going.
It's an entertaining idea though.

I arrived in Three Hills on Wednesday evening and we celebrated Rachelle's birthday!
Everyone was crossing their fingers for the baby to come, but nothing at all.

On Thursday Kari went to the hospital to be induced because she was 9 days overdue. After doing that procedure, she starting having contractions. After a few hours of being monitored and walking the hallways, they let her go home because she wasn't dilated at 5pm. Her friend Erin is a midwife and they had wanted to have a home birth. But had changed their mind so Erin was there as a labor coach. (Ang & I where making supper at the time) So we all came back to the house and contractions became harder and harder. So Ang decided that we should make a pie, and while she did that. Kari kept laboring with Erin & Patrick trading off to eat. At 8pm Pat came out and did a little jig, and said "Kari's water broke"!!
Then a moments later Kari came out in her house coat with Pat following her asking "Love, Where are you going" Kari said "to the Hospital" Then she had contraction hit her, and she fell back into his arms.
Erin came out and said "Kari let me check how far a long you are" (She hadn't checked yet because Kari was in to much pain and didn't want anyone poking at her) Erin then says "His head is here, we aren't going anywhere, unless you want to have this baby in the car"
Bedroom or bathroom?? Kari choose the bathroom, and the head started showing, Erin called for someone to help put a glove on. So I went and was able to help get the glove on. Kari said ohh here comes another contraction, Erin said I'm supporting the head and his hand is coming out with it. Then Woosh Amariah was here! So fast, and Erin gave him to Kari to hold. It was amazing to watch, and get splattered by the liquids that came flying out. He was born at 8:27pm.

He weighs 8 lbs and is 23 inches long, with healthy appetite.
Please pray that Kari is able to rest and get the needed sleep, she is running on overdrive right now, she is so excited.

Patrick has photos on facebook, but you will have to add him to see them.

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