Saturday, June 16

rainy nights

So I sit here so tired, thinking of how I keep meaning to write this post.

Today I wandered around town and picked up some capsules of Oregano Oil, so that I can keep my immune system up.
While walking with Rachelle, we seen Mr. Marshall (Bobbie's dad) He gave us directions to his house.
After dropping off my jacket because it was quite humid, I walked over to the Marshalls, and forgot to take my camera.

I visited for a couple hours had a great chat, yummy food, and even fixed a computer. (Honestly I just looked at it and it was so scared it started working)
The computer runs in Linux and it was slow, I think it needs some more RAM.
It was about 10 when I finally made it home, and now after chatting with my
husband, folding baby clothes, and taking some pics of Amariah I want to start my movie. But I don't think I could stay awake long enough.
Tomorrow there is a baby dedication and we are going to church and Amariah will be dedicated. I might even get to go wakeboarding!!!
Happy Fathers Day to all you Dad's out there!

Now I shall post some pics of Amariah for you all!

A few hours old.

Tonight, all dressed up.

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Tamara said...

He's beautiful! And I can't believe she had the child at home! Ahh!