Thursday, June 21

Wakeboarding and troublemaking

So we did go wake boarding yesterday at Pine Lake, and a great time was had by all.
I wiped out really hard while cutting in and out of the wake. I managed to catch some air and knock the board off, bruised my heel and land on my right side so hard.

Shelly tried and she almost managed to get up. I am hoping they will take her out again, because she was so close.

We rushed home for the baby shower, which was a small sucess.
On the walk home there was swarms of misquitos, crazy lots.
After that we found Kelmen's truck and took Post it notes and covered his windows.
All photos are on facebook, since I can't make them upload.
Tonight we are heading out to Ang's Ball game, we made signs. One say's Catch those balls. Other says Ang, Hit those balls :)
Well we are off to eat some taco salad.

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