Thursday, July 31

Last day of July

Camp ends early this week, and I haven't been more thankful yet. I've been having aches and pains in my whole body.  I think the attack has been very physical this week for me.

 But things are looking up and us kitchen staff may even get two days off this weekend (everyone else gets three) I know that if I come back it probably won't be as kitchen staff. But that is the area that is need the most this year.
 Tonight Keylea and I are planning on sleeping out somewhere on camp... I am afraid of being eaten alive by bugs, but it's really windy out so hopefully they won't be a problem.
  I am orgainzing the smooth running of the parent/camper bbq in 12 mins..
We are up to 48 children who have made decisions for Christ, (not including this week)

Today we had a little incident of a friend wanting to play DnD and another friend being upset because it can possibly open doors to the spiritual realm. Sadly it turned into two of the people "preaching" at the other. It distressed me so much. Thankfully by the end it was diffused and we moved on.

School.. I found out there was glitch and I was actually taking the wrong tests. So I'm being marked at 100% for the two that I took (they where 40 questions long) and I took chapter 3 test today, and it was only 15 questions long and I missed one question. Silly thing was I was in a rush to finish otherwise I would've been at 100% for this one too..
 I need to stop stressing myself out and start applying myself. I wasted all week not doing test three when it was really a breeze.

Well the constant chatter of campers outside the staff lounge is starting to drive nutty. I'm going to escape to the quiet kitchen.
 Please pray for health and sanity of the staff.

Saturday, July 19

Where does my help come from?

I hiked Mnt Bickford today, with friends from camp, it was amazing. Rounded the day off with a coke chugging contest, and some water basket ball. Wish I could show you the photos and videos. I shall upload to FB and link'em later some time.
 Please pray for the camp we've double the number of children who have made commitments to Christ in the past week, compared to all of last summer. We are under heavy spiritual attack, but we are rejoicing and recognizing the attacks!

I wrote a poem about it and made half the staff cry, I shall post it later.

I am desperate for my school work to get up here, because I have approx 5 weeks to do it all in now.. BAD DARCI..

(My help comes from him, the maker of heaven and earth, Psalms 121)

Tuesday, July 15

Haste makes Waste.

My poor body. it has lost too much skin and blood.
I have learned to pray when in the kitchen (and every where else for that matter) that God protects me. Because two days ago I was in the first aid room twice for bandaids. I feel like I'm constantly scraping my fingers and feet.

There is so much going on in my head I don't know what to write first. But God is showing in a huge way here. I love it. You know how people always say that you go to camp and get all reved up and then come home and the fire goes out?
Try spend 4 months of your year at camp... I am only spending 2 months here, and I'm on day 18 I think. (somewhere around there)
Yesterday I spilled my slushie (which was a thought gift from a friend who went to town) and I was not impressed because it was all over my foot and sandal. I had just gotten out of the shower and put cream on my feet. So I went into the kitchen and filled up a bucket of water and Keith (Swat Guy at camp) looked at me funny. But after talking to him for a second, I was able to laugh at myself, hopping into the kitchen when there was a tap outside the bunkhouse that I didn't know about. While I was mopping I started thinking about the fact I had wanted to mop anyways, so it's all good. But then God took it one step further. I am rooming with the Activity Director (Elise, who is super busy) and I realized that this was a great way to serve her, because I doubt she will have time to sweep and mop a lot this summer, where as I get off at 4 pm. By the end I was singing, and praising God while I cleaned up.

In the kitchen we have formed an amazing group of praying, waring ladies, who realize how much our prayers do for everyone, and I am so encouraged by our conversations and the laughs we have.

We've had at least 20ish kids come to the Lord in the past 3 weeks that I've been here!!

I could go on and on. But I must stop for now,
I hope everyone is enjoying there summers and I want to leave you with a question.

How are you seeing God to move in your summer plans?
Or what are you asking him for?

Sunday, July 13

2nd Week at camp

Last night I learned how to 2 step at a barn dance. I promise photos as soon as I get some. I know I keep saying that but I need to find a computer and get the photos to upload. It's been frustrating. Same internet here as at home!
 Tomorrow I start 7:30-4 shift boo.... But I am learning to do all things with out complaining. And many other things. Must go.. I will be kicked off very soon... Seed meeting. booo again.

Thursday, July 10

The veil was lifted

This post is a day late, because I stayed in the kitchen and helped with dishes and did misc other chores and then went to chapel for the rest of the evening.
On Tuesday I had been praying that God would reveal himself to me and show me the hard things he wants me to do. That night I started reading Red by Ted Dekker and I was quite tired, but I couldn't fall asleep after reading I started praying and thinking and my poor brain wouldn't shut down. I realized that my apathetic veil of thinking was dropping off my eyes. I was seeing things through God's eyes. I realized that it's not important for me to come home, and if I did, would I come back to camp? What would I do at home? Nothing of importance probably. What was I going home for? The wrong reasons. Then I realized that Moriah would be 3 hours away when she hit PG, she could come see me if she wanted too.
That I didn't need to make plans around my friends and the possibly of them visiting. How many times did they ever do that for me?
I decided that I would probably have more fun getting to know all the cool Christians here at camp then going to QCI.
So I decided to stay the whole summer at camp!
 I will be working in the kitchen. I think for August I will be getting paid, that will be such a blessing for me. 
  I've had so many people tell me they are excited that I can stay, and it's such a wonderful feeling to be accepted and loved on by some many people that barely know you.
 We have a daily blog!
I will be contributing photos and some writing at some point soon. I will leave a linky here and let you know when I do!
 Very soon I'm going to convince one of the office boys to let me upload photos to Facebook and leave a link here.

Yesterday I spent a good hour talking to my new friend Jo (there are two of them, this one is male) about relationships and God and marriage (he is getting married Aug 31) It was really cool, because I rarely get to have semi theological discussions with people.  He has been a great source of encouragement to me, because he always shares something that I never thought of, or a new viewpoint from a the guys' way of seeing things.

 I need to do some laundry and then maybe read a little before I start in the kitchen for today.

This Saturday I am going to a barn dance!! Woot for fun :)

Monday, July 7

This week

At camp I have:
Watched 7 ep of Heroes
Made 600 cookies
Broke 24 plates
Dropped 8 cookies on the floor
Burnt 40 cookies (not my fault)
Made 160 dishes of Jello
Made 16 9in chocolate cakes (UPDATED ON TUESDAY)
Made 80 Squares of Rice Krispies (Update on Tue)
Been thrown in the lake twice
Bit by bugs too many times to count
Eaten more carbs then I even want to think about.
Stretched every muscle in my body.
Met lots of cool people
Cried once.
And best of all been given lots of hugs.

Saturday, July 5

8 Months old today!

A girl after my own heart!
Isn't she adorable?

(these are all from last month sometime, I stole them off FB)